Give students new thoughts, new visions, new ambitions and equip them for an analytical outlook for decision making in the ever-changing Indian and International Telecom Industry environments. Train students to be successful leaders as well as effective team players by enhancing their knowledge base, initiative, confidence and creativity towards a fierce zeal for achieving results. Help students discover their dormant qualities, unused strength and potential so that they get the vigor to set the highest goals for life and achieve them. Develop students abilities to formulate, structure, solve and implement solutions to complex technical & management problems. Instill in students the art of human engineering - the basic qualities of dealing with people, understanding of human behavioral patterns and motivation techniques in a cross-cultural, multi-dimensional environment. Provide a course that is continually evolving and improving, in both context and structure, and focuses on the ideas and skills vital to success in the Telecom Industry. Vision Building global bridges and fora in industry & academia providing total integrated & quality education, being the front-runner in value education & nurturing Indian traditions and ethos. Mission To develop the overall personality of students by making them not only "excellent professionals", but also good individuals, with understanding and regards for "human values", pride in their heritage and culture, a sense of right and wrong, and a yearning for perfection.
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Rinku Monigogoi

Rinku Monigogoi..

Vanitha Thota

Vanitha Thota..

Priyanka Khandekar

Priyanka Khandekar..

Yamini Takwale

Yamini Takwale..


Pradnyesh Shembavanekar

Pradnyesh Shembavanekar..

Rais Khan

Rais Khan..

Bharadwaj Mylavarapu

Bharadwaj Mylavarapu..

Sunil Paryani

Sunil Paryani..