The Government of Composite Madras State sanctioned the present Engineering College at Visakhapatnam in 1946 even though the seeds of Technological education were sown when Sugar Technology was started in the year 1933. In 1946, initially the College was located at Cocanada, now called as Kakinada. After the separation of Andhra State in 1953, the Department of Engineering with Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering sections was started as a part of Andhra University. In 1960 it was shifted to a 167 acre land now called the North campus of Andhra University. The restructuring of the University Colleges saw the emergence of Andhra University College of Engineering in 1960. By 1962 the Department of Chemical Technology, earlier known as Sugar Technology that started way back in 1933 itself, was also moved to the North Campus. The sections of Basic Sciences were upgraded in 1964 to Departments in 1979. Over the years, the Andhra University College of Engineering grew from strength to strength and at present offers 17 UG and 42 PG Programs. About
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