Daulat Ram College, Delhi was established in 1960 is a premier educational institution for women in Delhi and is a large constituent college of the University of the Delhi. It is a prestigious women’s college engaged in imparting liberal education to women. The college has acquired a strong identity and has evolved into a prestigious women’s college with its own distinct culture and traditions. It imparts education towards degrees at the Bachelors level in Arts, Science and Commerce. The college holds a leading position both in academics and sports. The college has acquired the star college status from the Government of India and has acquired equipments and undergone training in curriculum updates. The vibrant mix of co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the college both at the intra-college and inter college levels adds to the strong character of the college as a multidimensional institution.

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harish arupula..

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Nitan Kotwal..

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