Don Bosco Institute of Technology (DBIT) DBIT has evolved and encompassed a unique sense of pride in providing excellence in technological and scientific education system in India Today, our institution is proudly recognized as one among the top Ranked Engineering Colleges in Bangalore. We have an atmosphere attributing to new research and development areas in pursuit of technological excellence in a highly competitive environment. Established in 2001, Don Bosco provides high level of teaching, research and extension activities in the field of Civil, Mechanical, Technical and Management education, located on a sprawling 36 acres campus in the sylvan South West Suburb of the city of Bangalore in the Kumbalagodu extension on the Bangalore-Mysore Highway. Being one of Bangalore’s best ranked Engineering Colleges, DBIT has excellent infrastructure, imposing buildings with spacious class rooms, and Laboratories with state of the art technology. A vast range of cultural, educational, sports and social activities are available to the students, faculty and its staff. Most importantly, getting involved in campus life is the quickest way to become a part of the College community, and to create ones own DBIT experience. Campus life activities are built around the concepts of encouraging each member to express his or her talents and to respect all members of our society. About
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Rharini Sharma..

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Soma Seth..

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