Gharda Institute of Technology (GIT), Ratnagiri was established in 2007. The institute is approved by AICTE and affiliated to University of Mumbai. The institution has been managed by Gharda Foundation. The objective of the institute is to carry on activities for the benefits and development of residents of rural India by application of all suitable means available with focus on issues like health, literacy, non-formal education. Gharda Institute of Technology is established by Gharda Foundation. GIT will provide good infrastructure, modern equipments, advanced laboratories, experienced and dedicated teachers, modified syllabus to suit changing environment, hands on workshop by collaborating with foreign universities and arranging for pre-entrance preparatory workshops. The vision of the institution is to provide sufficient knowledge and understanding of the appropriate scientific and mathematical fundamentals upon which to develop the student’s professional skills and skill in integrating and applying knowledge to professionally define problems and produce efficient, economic, and effective solutions. The institution mission is committed to continuing professional growth and the ethical development of their chosen discipline.
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Manisha Bhatia

Manisha Bhatia..

Bhavdeep Mehta

Bhavdeep Mehta..

Kumkum Pandey

Kumkum Pandey..

Karthik Mishra

Karthik Mishra..


Sita Yadav

Sita Yadav..

Muzaffer Sayyed

Muzaffer Sayyed..

Vrushali Kumbhawade

Vrushali Kumbhawade..

Shaikh Mohd Danish

Shaikh Mohd Danish..