The Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad is rated among the top 10 business schools in India. It is widely recognized as a centre of excellence in management education, having moulded itself according to the fast changing business and social environment over the last 30 years. The institution is strategically located in Ghaziabad, near the national capital. IMT boasts of one of the best infrastructure in the country which is evident from its consistent high ranking on infrastructure parameter. Its strength lies in its eminent faculty and the quality of its courses that have in many cases, been trendsetters. The student fraternity is marked by a strong camaraderie and the total dedication with which the students involve themselves in the activities of the institute as cohesive group which also honing them skills to excel in the fiercely competitive world of contemporary business. The remarkable sense of community at IMT starts in classrooms, where synergy can be witnessed among the students and faculty members. IMT graduates, equipped with energy and drive, take this same team spirit and individual skill base to the work place, demonstrating a passion for excellence and a characteristic IMT brand of commitment and go-getter attitude. The success of the past inspires confidence in the future - confidence in its ability to continue to nurture those special skills and attitudes that produces leaders capable of changing the world of business. The consistently 100% placements bear testimony to the demand for this combination as personified in all our student managers. Mission
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Priya Sharma

Priya Sharma..

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Aravind Sampath..

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Reema Agarwal..

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Selvam Venkatesan..

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Saraswati Joshi..

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