Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad, popularly known as MICA, is one of the premier management institutes of India. MICA boasts of being the sole institute in the entire Asia Pacific region, focusing on communications management. Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, has international collaborations and exchange programs with institutions in the USA, UK, France and Singapore. MICA was started in the year of 1991 as an autonomous non-profit management education institution. The institute has set itself as an example to other B-Schools in India, by being the first residential academic institution in the country and, perhaps, in the Asia-Pacific region that is dedicated to meeting the needs of the integrated marketing communications industry.
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Navin Pandey

Navin Pandey..

Subarnasekhar Muni

Subarnasekhar Muni..

Muhundasree Ranganathan

Muhundasree Ranganathan..

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Vrushali Kumbhawade

Vrushali Kumbhawade..

Md. Bilal

Md. Bilal..

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Tushar Gawade..