Kasturba Medical College Mangalore

Year Founded1955
Total facalty339
Highest Placement
PLacement Average
Address State Highway 65, Madhav Nagar, Manipal, Karnataka India - 576104
Website name
Contact NumberPrivate Institute
Course NameCourse Fees
M.B.B.S.37.6 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Anaesthesiology)37.5 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Ayurveda)8.4 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Community Medicine)23.1 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology)41.2 Lakh
Master of Surgery [MS] (E.N.T.)41.2 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Medical Genetics)46.3 Lakh
Master of Surgery [MS] (Neurosurgery)46.3 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Ophthalmology)34.4 Lakh
Master of Surgery [MS] (Radio Diagnosis)54.5 Lakh
Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch] (Surgical Oncology)8.4 Lakh
Master of Surgery [MS] (Urology)46.3 Lakh
Master of Surgery [MS] (General Surgery)27.5 Lakh
Master of Surgery [MS] (Otorhinolaryngology)41.2 Lakh
Master of Sciences [M.Sc] (Anatomy)2 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (General Medicine)41.2 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Microbiology)28.2 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Physiology)10.5 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Psychiatry)37.5 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Anatomy)10.5 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Biochemistry)10.5 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Cardiology)46.3 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Forensic Medicine)34.4 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Gastroenterology)46.3 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Hospital Administration)34.4 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Medical Oncology)34.4 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Nephrology)34.4 Lakh
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)34.4 Lakh
Master of Surgery [MS] (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)41.2 Lakh
Master of Surgery [MS] (Ophthalmology)41.2 Lakh
Master of Surgery [MS] (Orthopaedics)46 Lakh
Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga17.1 Lakh
Master of Science [M.Sc] (Biochemistry)
Master of Science [M.Sc] (Microbiology)
Master of Sciences [M.Sc] (Pharmacology)2 Lakh
Master of Science [M.Sc] (Physiology)
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Pharmacology)23.1 Lakh
About the college

Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Mangalore was established in 1955. It is a constituent part of Manipal University founded by Dr. TMA Pai. It got recognition from Medical Council of India in 1958. It was soon recognised by The General Medical Council of Great Britain, The Malaysian Medical Council and The Australian Medical Council. It also received full (AAHRPP) Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs accreditation in Dec 2011—a first in India. It was the first self financing medical college in India and it was also the first Institution of India who has followed the Public Private Partnership. The college was first affiliated to Karnataka University and later in 1965 to Mysore University, followed by affiliation to Mangalore University in 1980.


  • Department of Anesthesiology

  • Department of Anatomy

  • Department of Audiology

  • Department of Biochemistry

  • Department of Cardiology

  • Department of Community Medicine

  • Department of Dermatology

  • Department of Forensic Medicine

  • Department of Microbiology

  • Department of Neurosurgery

  • Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • Department of Orthopaedics

  • Department of Pathology

  • Department of Pharmacology

  • Department of Physiology

  • Department of Radiotherapy & Oncology

Constituent Hospitals

  • Kasturba Medical College Hospital, Mangalore

  • Wenlock District Hospital, Mangalore

  • Government Lady Goschen Hospital, Mangalore


KMC has student and faculty exchange and other academic collaborations with the following international universities:

  • University of Missisipi, USA

  • University of Kentucky, USA

  • Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands

  • Lille University of Health & Law, France

  • Maastricht University, The Netherlands

  • Vanderbelt University, USA

  • University of Groningen, The Netherlands

  • University of Antwerp, Belgium


  • Anaesthetic Management of Non-Thyroid Surgery in a Hypothyroid Patient

  • Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia of Root of Nose: A Rare Phenomenon

  • Assessment of menopausal symptoms among women attending various outreach clinics in South Canara District of India

  • Childhood adrenoleukodystrophy – Classic and variant – Review of clinical manifestations and magnetic resonance imaging

  • Community-Acquired Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus


Simulation Centre

The Medical Simulation Centre at KMC is a state-of-the-art training and research facility. It is equipped with manikins (anatomical models of the human body, used in teaching, art or medicine) and medical equipment, the centre enables students gain the experience and insights that are best learned in realistic conditions.


KMC has well-equipped Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Biochemistry and Pathology Laboratories. The National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) has recognized the Microbiology Laboratory as State Reference Laboratory (SRL) for HIV testing.


The Central Library of Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore is fully equipped and air conditioned. It has over 36,000 textbooks. The services of the library include Internet and e-learning, Audio-visual services,Computer based work, Reprographic service, Book bank facility, Bibliographic service, Online access to journals and Medline service.


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