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Why ishikshaa?
Perhaps the best and shortest reason is that students love using it. Equally importantly, it takes small hard work for time-poor teachers and resource strapped schools to get it set up. ishikshaa is remotely hosted (so you don't need additional equipment, application or tech support staff to run it), it is free, the user interface is friendly and speedy to learn. The low barrier-to-entry means ishikshaa will actually get used by students and teachers, at low risk of wasting school time or money.
What is ishikshaa? As described on the ishikshaa web-site : ishikshaa is a free and secure social learning network for teachers, students and schools. ishikshaa provides classrooms a safe and straightforward way to connect and collaborate, offering a real-time platform to exchange ideas, share content, and access home work, grades and school notices The ishikshaa application is an online service : in case you are reading this document now, you are prepared to make use of ishikshaa. So to access ishikshaa, students and teacher need only a computer, a browser (Web Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari) and an online connection. There's also iPhone and Android phone apps for ishikshaa.(live soon)

The most important aspects of the ishikshaa security model are:
Is ishikshaa safe for school or college use? ishikshaa was designed from the outset to meet the specific needs of teachers, with safety and security a priority. When students first see ishikshaa, they usually say "that's like Facebook!" - and they are right in that it is a social application - but when it comes to security, privacy and control, nothing could be less like Facebook!
ishikshaa class groups are created and managed by the teacher students need to know the class group code in order to view or participate in the class group teachers have full administrative rights on student participation in the teacher's class group private conversation between students are impossible : students may only communicate to the whole class or the teacher. This reduces opportunities for cyber-bullying teachers may pick to receive automatic notification of student postings in to the class group a 'read-only' mode which can be applied selectively for those students who are not using ishikshaa constructively

If the school sets up an ishikshaa subdomain:
teacher accounts are verified by the school/College ishikshaa administrator - this prevents students masquerading as teachers teacher activities on ishikshaa may be monitored and audited by the school ishikshaa administrator

For more discussion on ishikshaa and school safety issues, see the ishikshaa and School Safety article.

Won't the students go crazy with it? Experience shows that in most cases, once students get over the initial excitement, they use ishikshaa constructively. It's important to set the ground rules and expectations at the start.
What will parents think?

Won't this increase the workload for teachers? Students will expect us to be online 24 hours? ishikshaa provides opportunities to reduce workload as well as to increase it. ishikshaa offers the chance to share, store and reuse digital resources, and for students to take increased responsibility for learning. Teachers can and should establish student expectations for out-of-school service through ishikshaa - the teacher may decide not to! Students can also be encouraged to help each other though ishikshaa.
This isn't fair to students who don't have computers at home connected to the internet! True. So care is needed - teachers can check with their class and decide the level of ishikshaa use. But even students with a computer connected to the internet might have computer or connection problems at times - so it makes sense to provide alternatives for assessments and essential class information.

I wanted to update all our members about a free and very useful service from to the Indian community. What they do?
Help people find classes, courses, training in any subject, skill, age group anywhere (their home or teachers place) in Bangalore and 15 other cities. They also encourage people to learn new skills.
What is so great about it?
ishikshaa has a huge network of over 6,0000 Individual tutors, trainers as well as Institutes in India who offer classes and training in over 600 categories. One can find a detailed information about these tutors & trainers from our website before selecting them. They have folks from IITs, IIMs, IISCs, Accenture, IBM, Infosys and other premiere institutes and companies as part of our network. Any individual suitable to train or teach anything can also join our network FREE of cost.
How much do ishikshaa charge?
Nothing. They do not charge anything for this service from users. You have to just Post your requirement on the website, call them (08422037862) or visit them. They also do not take any cut or commission from tutors, trainers or institutes. The only way for them to make revenue is through ads and premium membership that some of the Tutors take.


Tutor :

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