Magnet Schools Struggle to Be Diverse, Says Study - Education Week

While magnet schools do boost diversity, non-neighborhood students are not flocking to them, say researchers who studied 21 nonselective magnets. Read More

Special Education - Education Week

Students with disabilities continue to score much lower than their peers on state tests, even as their graduation rates inch upwards, a new report finds. Read More

Free Test-Prep Program Unveiled for SAT - Education Week

The nonprofit organization behind the SAT college-entrance exam has teamed up with a Silicon Valley pioneer in online education to offer free test-preparation materials. Read More

States Set Varying Passing Bars on New Teacher Assessment - Education Week

As they implement policies around a new performance-based licensing test for teachers, states are setting the bar at different places—a phenomenon that raises questions about cross-state comparisons. Read More

Student Cellphones - Education Week

All those teachers who collect mobile phones at the beginning of class may be onto something: A new study of English secondary students suggests student test scores rose in middle school classes that banned phones. Read More

Math Groups Criticize EdReports Book Reviews - Education Week

The Consumer Reports-style reviews of common-core instructional materials posted by are incomplete, contain errors, and misrepresent what’s important in the common standards, two national groups of math educators contend. Read More

District May Not Be Sued Under RICO Law, Court Says - Education Week

Some observers question whether a state law originally aimed at organized crime was the appropriate legal tool for prosecutors in the Atlanta test-cheating case. Read More

Common Core or Something Else? A Map of State Academic Standards - Education Week

This U.S. map shows which states are using the Common Core State Standards and which are not. Read More

College-Going - Education Week

The 2008 economic downturn may have made paying for college more difficult, but the students who started high school in the teeth of the downturn are still pushing into higher education, according to new federal data. Read More

Fla. Teachers May Get $10,000 Bonus for High SAT Scores - Education Week

Florida teachers may be eligible for bonuses of up to $10,000 if they scored well on their SAT or ACT college entrance exams, no matter how many years ago they took them. Read More

College Board Waives Fee for Retake of the SAT - Education Week

The College Board has offered to waive the fee for nearly half a million students affected by a printing error in the SAT administered June 6 if they want to retake the exam in October. Read More

Florida to Reward Teachers for High SAT, ACT Scores - Education Week

Florida teachers may be eligible for bonuses of up to $10,000 if they scored well on their SAT or ACT college-entrance exams, no matter how many years ago they took them. Read More

English-Learners - Education Week

A new report finds "no proven method" for best identifying and serving English-language learners with disabilities. Read More

Suit Filed to Force Use Of Test Scores in Reviews - Education Week

A lawsuit has been filed in California contending that some districts have inked collective bargaining agreements prohibiting the use of test scores to evaluate teachers. Read More

Court Upholds Linking Test Scores to Evaluations - Education Week

A federal appeals court has upheld a Florida law that requires teacher-performance evaluations to be based in part on student-test scores. Read More

Students Learn Best in an Engaged Classroom - Education Week

What Can You Measure in Five Minutes? Ask the Students - Education Week

Tough Choices for PARCC as States Drop Out - Education Week

The number of states still officially part of the common-core testing consortium is half of what it once was, and that poses challenges, especially when it comes to costs. Read More

Wash. State Lowers Cutoff on SBAC Test Scores - Education Week

Washington state seniors do not have to reach the "college readiness" cutoff score on the Smarter Balanced test in order to earn their diplomas. Read More

States Gaining a Say on School Accountability - Education Week

Now that the federal government is giving states more flexibility in shaping their accountability systems, the question is: What will these new systems look like? Read More

N.Y.C. Chancellor Forms Anti-Cheating Task Force - Education Week

The task force will provide oversight, as well as training, and will produce biannual reports on how well schools are implementing academic guidelines. Read More

Ed. Dept. to Subsidize Costs of AP for Some Test-Takers - Education Week

The program is intended to encourage those students to take AP tests and obtain college credit for high school courses, according to department officials. Read More

Court Levies Huge Fines on Wash. State Legislature - Education Week

The order is the culmination of a political struggle that began in 2012, when the Washington Supreme Court ruled that the system for funding K-12 violated the state constitution. Read More

Atlanta Rolls Out Grade-Changing Rules - Education Week

Under the new regulations, administrators have to complete several steps before a grade can be changed. Read More

Atlanta Hires Architect of State-Takeover Legislation - Education Week

Proposed legislation would give the state the power to seize control of low-performing schools, convert them into charters, or shut them down. Read More

Polls Reveal Nuanced Views on K-12 - Education Week

The latest opinions polls from PDK/Gallup and Education Next gauge public sentiment on a range of heated education issues, including common-core standards, standardized testing, and school choice. Read More

Exit-Exam Cancellation Leaves California Students in a Bind - Education Week

California lawmakers scrambled last week to draft emergency legislation to allow about 5,000 students to graduate even though they lost their last chance to take the state-required exit exam. Read More

Calif. Governor Approves Exit Exam Reprieve for 5,000 Students - Education Week

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation canceling the California exit exam as a requirement for graduation this year, offering a reprieve to about 5,000 students left in limbo when the state canceled the test. Read More

Teacher Performance Evaluation: Definitions, Research, Models, and More - Education Week

This overview covers teacher evaluation and includes information on teacher evaluation models, controversies surrounding the issue, research on teacher quality, and reform trends. It also includes definitions for collective bargaining and value-added models. Read More

Data: The Governors Running for President and Their K-12 Records - Education Week

Did any states see major improvements in K-12 education during the terms of the nine governors and former governors now running for president? Read More

Nearly Half of States Hit Assessment Snooze Button - Education Week

The U.S. Department of Education gave states transitioning to new tests the option to "pause" state-level accountability last school year to give schools breathing room as they adjusted to new tests and standards. Read More

Calif. Drops Exit Exam for Class of 2015 - Education Week

The new law was designed to fix a problem that arose when California education leaders let their contract for the exit exam lapse. Read More

Social and Emotional Learning - Education Week

Some types of perfectionism in students can help them in academic settings but can lead to burnout in their later careers, says a study. Read More

Smarter Balanced Orders Review of Testing Platform - Education Week

The review is being undertaken by the National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment, a nonprofit in Dover, N.H., that works on testing issues. Read More

Four-Day School Week Linked to Gains in Math - Education Week

Switching to a shorter school week—with longer days—may actually give students an academic advantage, according to a recent study of rural Colorado elementary schools. Read More

Districts Diversify Languages Offered in Dual-Immersion - Education Week

With strong demand for bilingual skills, more districts are offering new target languages such as Arabic and Vietnamese. Read More

PARCC Agrees to Release Cutoff Scores for Tests - Education Week

Updated "mock" score reports on its website now show the actual cutoff points that mark the thresholds between levels of mastery, said PARCC officials. Read More

Accountability - Education Week

School failure rates in the early days of federal accountability under the No Child Left Behind Act were only weakly connected to actual student proficiency rates, according to a study Read More

One Year Later, Ferguson Schools Poised for Change - Education Week

A year after a police shooting set off racially charged riots in Ferguson, Mo., the school system and its new superintendent are looking to correct educational disparities and "give kids a voice" in determining their future. Read More

Improving Graduation Rates Topic of Tennessee Summit - Education Week

Gov. Bill Haslam has convened higher education and workforce leaders to discuss his initiative to improve graduation rates in Tennessee. Read More

Multiple-Choice Test: Why Are SAT and ACT Scores Dropping? - Education Week

KIPP Students Found to Have Edge in Academics But Not Attitude - Education Week

A final evaluation of KIPP finds that its schools continue to have a positive impact on student achievement, even as the network expands. Read More

Online Credit Recovery in Need of Improvement, Study Says - Education Week

School districts need to make changes to their online credit-recovery programs to focus greater attention on content mastery and evidence of learning gains. Read More

Ferguson Commission Urges K-12 Changes to Combat Inequities - Education Week

The panel called for focusing on "whole-child" issues and overhauling the way the state handles unaccredited school districts. Read More

Measuring Grit, Character Draw New Investments - Education Week

The Walton Family Foundation is backing research on how to better measure noncognitive skills. Read More

Despite Facebook Pledge, Newark Schools Struggle - Education Week

The number of students in charters has more than doubled since 2010, but the exodus of students and the funding that comes with them has hurt. Read More

Educational Accountability - Education Week

A forthcoming study from Duke University suggests that on average, voters whose local schools failed to make AYP had higher turnout in the next school board election by 5 to 8 percentage points more than the average effect of direct mail or phone campaigns. Read More

Schools Help Widen Academic Gaps, Studies Find - Education Week

Two studies find that achievement gaps within schools account for more of the overall academic disparities among students of different races or economic backgrounds than do gaps between schools. Read More

State Tests Due Fresh Scrutiny as Peer Review Relaunches - Education Week

Process provides Ed. Dept. powerful tool for oversight Read More

N.J. Officials Loosen Grip on State-Controlled District - Education Week

The state seized control of Jersey City schools in 1989, citing "total educational failure." Read More

California Dismisses Exit Exam for Students Back to 2003-04 - Education Week

The state has no clear fix yet on the precise number of students affected. But news media reports put the figure around 32,000. Read More

Student Mobility - Education Week

Changing schools often in the earliest grades puts students at a significant risk of poor math performance and critical-thinking skills in upper elementary school, according to a new study. Read More

Studies Probe How Schools Widen Achievement Gaps - Education Week

Two studies find that achievement gaps within schools account for more of the overall academic disparities among students of different races or economic backgrounds than do gaps between schools. Read More

Are New Teacher Tests Vulnerable to Cheating? - Education Week

As performance-based teacher-licensure exams like the edTPA gain currency, reports of related tutoring services and online materials raise new questions. Read More

Help for Atlanta Students Being Put on Hold - Education Week

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said he has been unable to raise millions of dollars he estimates it would cost. Read More

Signs Point to Rise in High School Graduation Rates - Education Week

The U.S. Department of Education is encouraged by preliminary state-by-state data showing that graduation rates for the 2013-14 school year were up from the year before. Read More

Young Adolescents - Education Week

Community groups and sports not connected to school can help students stay more connected academically during a critical transition period, a study of low-income students in New York City suggests. Read More

Few States Require Rigorous Courses for Graduation - Education Week

High school graduation rates in the United States have hit historic highs, with the most recent numbers from the U.S. Department of Education showing that more than 80 percent of students from the class of 2013 graduated on time. Read More

After Defections, PARCC Gets DOD Schools - Education Week

The Department of Defense Education Activity, which operates schools for children from military families, announced last week that it is joining the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers testing consortium. Read More

Drop in U.S. Math, Reading Scores Prompts Blame Game - Education Week

A variety of culprits are being cited as the cause of a sudden drop in NAEP scores, but experts recommend caution. Read More

Cybercharter Students Fall Far Behind on Academic Measures, New Study Says - Education Week

The first national study of online charter schools found that the schools generate dramatically weaker academic growth than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Read More

Data: Achievement for Urban Districts on NAEP - Education Week

Twenty-one city school districts took park in NAEP testing in 2015. Of those, only the District of Columbia saw improvements in both reading and math for both grades 4 and 8. Read More

Buffalo Struggles to Respond to Feds Over Access to Best Schools - Education Week

The federal government is demanding more answers from school officials about how they plan to resolve allegations of discriminatory admissions practices at their better schools. Read More

Study: RTI Practice Falls Short of Promise - Education Week

Response to intervention failed to improve the reading skills of students identified for initial interventions in a 13-state study. Read More


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