Alabama Board of Education Approves Charter School Rules - Education Week

Most on private-school scholarships not from failing schools - Education Week

Bentley signs Alabama Accountability Act - Education Week

A look at what passed and failed in the 2015 session - Education Week

Lawmakers alter Ala. private school scholarship program - Education Week

Lawmakers close to making changes on Accountability Act - Education Week

Bentley signs education trust fund budget - Education Week

House OKs expanding program helping pay for private school - Education Week

Board of Education meets regarding charter school commission - Education Week

Ala. House committee approves Education Trust Fund budget - Education Week

Programs Aim to Smooth Student-Police Relations - Education Week

Amid racially charged incidents in U.S. cities, some advocacy and law-enforcement groups are taking steps to foster better relations between police and minority youths.

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Alabama Teenagers to Study How to Encounter Police - Education Week

Federal prosecutors are working with the FBI and police in Mobile, Ala., on a program meant to teach teenagers how to navigate encounters with police.

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Ala. Reading Intervention Stands Test of Time - Education Week

A statewide reading initiative begun 17 years ago in Alabama is credited with raising reading scores and narrowing racial achievement gaps in one of the nation’s poorest states.

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Ala. Governor Signs Charter School Bill - Education Week

Gov. Robert Bentley, a Republican, last week signed legislation allowing charter schools to open in Alabama.

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Alabama Court Upholds School Choice Law - Education Week

The Alabama Supreme Court has upheld a law that gives tax credits to some families for private school.

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Lawrence County names new superintendent - Education Week

States That Prohibit Charters Likely to Decline - Education Week

Midterm elections and forceful advocacy efforts could reverse long-held resistance in Alabama, Kentucky, and Nebraska.

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Ala. House OKs Bill Offering Dual-Enrollment Tax Credits - Education Week

Lawmakers in the Alabama House unanimously approved a bill last week that would provide $5 million in tax credits for individuals or businesses that contribute to dual-enrollment programs.

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High School Athletic Association plans for homeschoolers - Education Week

Companies aid needy with Internet access in south Ala - Education Week

Athens voters defeat school tax proposal - Education Week

Elmore County Schools use service dogs to help students - Education Week

Ala adds evolution requirement, climate study for schools - Education Week

Lawmakers resume talks on budget, education transfer - Education Week

School board members: Ala science changes not major - Education Week

Alabama middle school girls learn about engineering careers - Education Week

Alabama school system uses gun-sniffing dogs to find threats - Education Week

School secretary pleads guilty, apologizes for gunman hoax - Education Week

State gets A for teaching personal finance in high school - Education Week

Woman faces dilemma in sending terminally ill son to school - Education Week


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