Recommendations Drafted for Seal of Biliteracy - Education Week

Four national professional groups have banded together to draft recommendations for a seal of biliteracy—a special recognition on high school diplomas and transcripts for graduates who demonstrate fluency in two or more languages. Read More

N.Y.C. Schools to Expand Dual-Language Programs - Education Week

The New York City district will add dual-language programs at 40 schools next fall, boosting the number of programs by close to 10 percent. Read More

English-Language Learners - Education Week

Dual-language-immersion programs can delay English proficiency in Latino English-learners but still benefit them in the long run, concludes a new study. Read More

Districts Warned Against Discouraging Immigrants - Education Week

The U.S. departments of justice and education last week warned school district officials to cease using policies and practices that discourage students from enrolling because of immigration status. Read More

Debate on Bilingual Education Needs to Include All the Facts

Learning Language - Education Week

A research synthesis based on decades of evidence from the fields of medicine, psychology, education, and linguistics highlights common myths about children who grow up speaking more than one language. Read More

Debate on Bilingual Education Needs to Include All the Facts - Education Week

Districts Diversify Languages Offered in Dual-Immersion - Education Week

With strong demand for bilingual skills, more districts are offering new target languages such as Arabic and Vietnamese. Read More

More States and Districts Embrace Biliteracy - Education Week

Shifting demographics and economic interests are transforming views on multilingual education around the country. Read More


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