Survey: School Bullying Lowest in 10 Years - Education Week

Fewer students say they are being bullied at school. Those who are bullied are more likely to be girls than boys and more likely to be white than minority students. Read More

Parents May Be Liable for Fake Facebook Page - Education Week

A Georgia appeals court ruled last week that parents of a 7th grader who created a fake Facebook account mocking a classmate are potentially liable for negligence for not forcing him to close the account once they learned of it. Read More

Efforts Build to Track School Climate for LGBT Students - Education Week

Three federal surveys will add questions related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students to help provide a clearer picture of their experiences in school. Read More

Researchers and Schools Diverge in Definitions of Bullying - Education Week

An effort to reach a common definition of bullying for research purposes could lead to more evidence-based solutions for schools. Read More

N.J. District Settles Case of Race-Based Bullying - Education Week

A southern New Jersey district has agreed to pay a student $75,000 to settle allegations that the district failed to take appropriate steps to end years of race-based bullying. Read More

Ohio Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Bullying - Education Week

A judge in northeastern Ohio has dismissed a lawsuit claiming that officials at a high school were negligent in allowing bullying that eventually drove a student to commit suicide. Read More

Autism Issues Complicate Anti-Bullying Task - Education Week

Schools are using a variety of approaches to improve social interactions between students with developmental disabilities and their typically developing peers. Read More

N.J. Schools Can Bring Alleged Bullies Into Lawsuit - Education Week

Eleven students and their parents have been brought into a suit filed by a New Jersey teenager who accused two districts of not doing enough to stop eight years of bullying. Read More

New Jersey to Grade Anti-Bullying Efforts - Education Week

New Jersey districts will soon post grades of their anti-bullying efforts on their websites, allowing parents to compare districts and the state to provide assistance in targeted areas. Read More

School-Violence Tip Lines Get a Second Look After Sandy Hook - Education Week

A handful of states and districts are showing renewed interest in tip lines that allow young people to anonymously share information about potential security threats, bullying, and other behaviors. Read More

Student Bullying - Education Week

Even a basic state anti-bullying law is associated with significantly lower in-person and cyber-bullying reported in schools, according to a new study. Read More


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