A vast canvas

Globalisation and technology have influenced the job opportunities available to graduates of fine arts
... Read More

India Art Fair

The sixth edition of the India Art Fair, 2014, which was held in the Capital from January 30-February 2... Read More

Multi (media) tasking

At a time when there is a focus on specialisation in every field, including art, Charuvi Agrawal thinks different. She shares her journey... Read More

Institute listing

An indicative listing of institutes offering courses in Law... Read More

The Practice

Emerging areas in the various fields of law have created a range of opportunities for students in this field... Read More

Foreign Affairs

With globalisation, opportunities have increased. Today, there is a demand for lawyers in non-governmental and inter-governmental entities, multinational corporations and international organisations... Read More

Alternative choice

George G Poothicote, founder-member and secretary general, India International ADR Association (IIADRA) and a grade-A certified mediator, International Mediation Institute (IMI), the Hague, on potential opportunities in Alternative Dispute Resolution... Read More

Job scape

Vibhuti Patel, head, Department of Economics, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, on the emerging employment opportunities in the field of social science... Read More

Right Course

A postgraduation in law not only helps students understand their key interest area, but also specialise in it... Read More

Legal eagles

From clinical legal education, cyber law to international and business law, students can choose from a range of emerging options after graduation in order to boost their career
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Akhil Surendran

Akhil Surendran..

Karthik Mishra

Karthik Mishra..

Mukund Kulkarni

Mukund Kulkarni..

Apurva Bhadauria

Apurva Bhadauria..


Tushar Gawade

Tushar Gawade..

Shaikh Sana

Shaikh Sana..

Vrushali Kumbhawade

Vrushali Kumbhawade..

Momin Muktar

Momin Muktar..