Doctors for humanities

Upreet Dhaliwal, professor of ophthalmology, University College of Medical Sciences on the institute’s Medical Humanities Group and its new journal, both billed as the first of their kind in India ... Read More

All about ayurveda

Ayurveda is emerging as an option for those seeking a career in alternative medicine
... Read More

Holistic learning

The MD course offered by John Hopkins University’s School of Medicine encourages students to develop a holistic outlook towards medicine... Read More

Doctor’s choice

With an array of specialisations that students can choose from, the field of medicine offers immense scope for branching out... Read More

Research Trends

Medical researchers in India are increasingly focusing on modern-day illnesses in order to diagnose and treat people more quickly than ever. ... Read More

Producing competent doctors

Dr Swarna Rekha Bhat, professor of Pediatrics and Neonatolgy, head of Department of Medical Education, St John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore, shares the current state of UG medical education in India
... Read More

A tough choice

While factors such as limited number of seats and exorbitant fees across medical colleges in India may force aspiring doctors to consider overseas options, it is not an easy decision
... Read More

Public health

Sheffield Hallam University has launched a new course — MSc nutrition with public health management... Read More

Why PG?

Choosing the right specialisation at the postgraduate level is crucial for medical students for long-term professional growth
... Read More

Right prescription

Medicine continues to be a favourite with students in India. Here is a range of options that students can take their pick from ... Read More


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