Wild Escapades

While the whole world seems to be drawn to the convention of pursuing college education to bag lucrative careers, some gladly give up the prospects of such a future to pursue their dream of living and sustaining themselves in the wild... Read More

Unusual career options for commerce graduates

Commerce graduates are increasingly opting for non-traditional careers. Here’s a list of five offbeat career options that are gaining popularity among them... Read More


Meet two individuals who took their hobbies to a different level... Read More

Food guides

Delhi-based nutritionist Tapasya R Mundhra talks to Aaditi Isaac on a promising career in her field
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Nature Beckons

Wildlife today offers many job opportunities for domain experts... Read More

Future fields

With an increasing number of students looking to pursue unusual yet upcoming job options, here is a profile of a few careers that offer a promising scope
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Mountain high

Aaditi Isaac speaks to Stanzin Dorjai who decided to leave the life of a shepherd to become a film-maker and raise awareness about issues in his region
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Tryst with Nature

Durgesh Singh left a software job to become a freelance naturalist and tour leader... Read More

Upcoming careers

Career counsellor Swati Salunkhe on the new job options conventional fields offer
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Animation prospects

From the film industry to computer system design firms, the animation industry in India offers a plethora of opportunities for skilful aspirants, says Aruna Kumar, head, Maya in Studio Training... Read More


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