Amid Changing Landscape, Lab Schools Search for New Roles - Education Week

The "experimental" schools initially housed at universities were envisioned as centers of instructional innovation and teacher training. Many are now private schools. Read More

State Legislatures Take Aim at Restraint, Seclusion in Schools - Education Week

People looking to curb the behavioral-modification practices, including advocates for those with disabilities, are finding fertile ground among state lawmakers. Read More

Textbook Authority Shifting From States to Districts - Education Week

State control over curriculum materials is slowly shifting to districts. Read More

Credit Hours Are Still Useful Measures for Schools, Study Concludes - Education Week

In an era of "competency-based education," the Carnegie unit remains a "guarantee" that all students are getting a minimum level of learning time, says a new report. Read More

All Teachers Must Be Trained to Teach All Students

High-Quality Instruction, Not Differentiation, Is the Key

NIH Resets Study Plans for Down Syndrome - Education Week

The new agenda calls for more research on how students with Down syndrome can experience improved learning and memory and participate more in schooling. Read More

Study: Close Screening Process Can Improve Teacher Hires - Education Week

Districts could boost their ability to hire more effective teachers who stay on the job longer by improving their screening techniques, a newly released working paper concludes. Read More

Reader: Advertisements Show Students Using Improper Pencil Grips

High-Quality Instruction, Not Differentiation, Is the Key - Education Week

All Teachers Must Be Trained to Teach All Students - Education Week

Reader: Advertisements Show Students Using Improper Pencil Grips - Education Week

Class Time - Education Week

School districts that adopted a four-day school week in rural Idaho experienced no significant cost savings, and some districts even saw costs rise to accommodate the resulting longer school day, according to a new report. Read More

Religious Behavioral Norms Carry Over to Classrooms - Education Week

White House Initiative to Target Absenteeism - Education Week

The Obama administration last week launched an initiative aimed at reducing chronic absenteeism in public schools. Read More

Are New Teacher Tests Vulnerable to Cheating? - Education Week

As performance-based teacher-licensure exams like the edTPA gain currency, reports of related tutoring services and online materials raise new questions. Read More


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