Mapping the future

With the admission season gaining momentum in most parts of the country, Education Times College Forum (ETCF) participants share their views on what stream of education they decided to pursue and why
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A pleasant surprise

Medhavi Arora, an undergraduate in journalism at the University of Hong Kong, on why she chose to study in Hong Kong
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‘Impressed by the equality’

Jessica Eller, Sophomore, public policy, University of Michigan on working in the community kitchen or langar at the Golden Temple in Amritsar... Read More


Amar Kapasi

Amar Kapasi..

Abhinav Pande

Abhinav Pande..

Ravi Pandey

Ravi Pandey..

Swati M

Swati M..


Kishor Gavali

Kishor Gavali..

Momin Taehmin

Momin Taehmin..

Pravin Sonavane

Pravin Sonavane..

Farhen Qureshi

Farhen Qureshi..