New law will make Colorado schools liable for violence - Education Week

School blocks speech by valedictorian declaring he is gay - Education Week

States move to reduce time spent on Common Core-based exam - Education Week

More testing reduction for Colorado pupils - Education Week

Colorado school testing reduction signed into law - Education Week

Colo. Close to Letting Schools Be Sued for Acts of Violence - Education Week

The Colorado state House and Senate agreed on final language in a bill to allow public schools to be sued for negligence in cases of shootings or other violence.

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Top Principals Expand Reach to Multiple Schools - Education Week

The Clark County, Nev., and Denver districts are testing a new approach to school leadership, giving successful administrators more than one school to manage.

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Withholding Recess as a Punishment Declines - Education Week

With research showing benefits of playtime, more schools limit or ban the use of taking away recess to discipline misbehaving students.

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States Pitch Changes as They Seek NCLB Waiver Renewals - Education Week

Testing, teacher evaluations, and A-F grading systems are among the issues as states apply for renewal of flexibility under the No Child Left Behind Act.

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Colo. System Lets Individual Schools Shape Ed-Tech Buying - Education Week

A Colorado district has given its schools significant leeway in making decisions about buying blended learning software, despite the challenges in ceding purchasing authority.

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PARCC Exam Makes Inroads as College-Readiness Proxy - Education Week

Two public colleges in Colorado say they will consider the results of the assessment from the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers when they place students into entry-level credit-bearing courses.

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Turning District Academic Visions Into Classroom Realities - Education Week

Current and former chief academic officers talk about the evolving role of the CAO, and the strategies they have used to try to improve teaching and learning.

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Consultants Steer Parents Through Maze of School Choice - Education Week

As public K-12 options multiply in some cities, families are paying for experts to guide them through the selection and enrollment processes.

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Critics of Jeffco school board launch recall effort - Education Week

Preschool on Wheels rolls on - Education Week

School district sees drop in pot-related expulsions - Education Week

Colorado lawmakers set to study school violence - Education Week

Colorado lawmakers study school violence, mental health - Education Week

Old Hands, New Hurdles: State Chiefs Who Take the Local Reins - Education Week

A handful of chief state school officers are bringing their years of experience and policy perspective to the superintendency of local school districts.

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Colorado rebrands anti-pot campaign for kids - Education Week

School principal resigns over Hispanic complaints - Education Week

Board Members at Center of AP History Flap Targeted - Education Week

A group of Colorado parents and teachers that has been seeking to oust three Republican school board members has collected enough valid signatures to force a recall election against them.

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After Legalization of Marijuana, Colo. Regroups on Drug-Free - Education Week

With changing attitudes about recreational marijuana, state officials are renewing efforts to get teens to stay away from it.

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Higher Learning: Colorado county mulls scholarship pot tax - Education Week

Douglas County will ask Supreme Court to review voucher case - Education Week

After Legalization of Marijuana, Colo. Regroups on Drug-Free Message - Education Week

With changing attitudes about recreational marijuana, state officials are renewing efforts to get teens to stay away from it.

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Jefferson County school board recall date set for Nov. 3 - Education Week

Four-Day School Week Linked to Gains in Math - Education Week

Switching to a shorter school week—with longer days—may actually give students an academic advantage, according to a recent study of rural Colorado elementary schools.

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Colorado high court rebuffs school funding challenge - Education Week

STEM Schools - Education Week

Efforts to create STEM programs for low-income and minority students in Buffalo, N.Y., and three Denver-area school districts failed to live up to their promise, suggests a new report.

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Colorado recall targets conservative school board members - Education Week

Conservative school board members ousted in Colorado recalls - Education Week

Colorado county bullish on pot starts new weed scholarship - Education Week


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