The commerce path

Education is no longer merely about choosing a popular discipline, but about focusing on market-oriented subjects that can make you job ready. Here are a few popular upcoming specialisations in the field of commerce... Read More

Play on

A degree in music helps students understand its physical mechanism and what it takes to perform well in the field. Anishaa Sahijwala reports

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Digital magic

A course on animation and visual effects that helps students enter the creative industries
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Different strokes

An undergraduate degree in fine arts offers numerous specialisations
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The IT edge

A course in BSc (IT) lays emphasis on not only theory lessons, but also on practical experience as well, finds Anishaa Sahijwala... Read More

The IT factor

A firm foundation in mathematics, science and design methodology, coupled with problem-solving skills, sets apart a student, who is keen on pursuing a UG course in IT, says Aditi Guha... Read More

Online content at Delhi University

The Institute of Lifelong Learning (ILLL), Delhi University, is preparing to upload course content under Discipline Courses 1 for the second semester... Read More

Raising the bar

Kunal Ambasta, visiting professor for the law of criminal procedure, evidence and legal methods at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, speaks on the focus of the module in criminal law at the undergraduate level
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Quality Healthcare

Southampton’s BSc (Hons) healthcare management, policy and research will enable students to solve real problems in healthcare design and delivery

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Alternative wonder

Unani medicine is emerging as a popular choice for students
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