Flexible opportunities

The flexi staffing industry in India is providing flexible job opportunities to graduates
... Read More

Set sail

If you are adventurous, physically fit and like to work with flexibility, a job with the merchant navy could be just for you... Read More

Gentle medicine

Manjunatha Reddy, head – research and development, British Biologicals, gives a lowdown on the nutraceutical industry... Read More

Rising Hospitality

Industry reports over the last two years have hinted at an exponential increase in career opportunities in the fast-growing hospitality sector... Read More

The sea inside

Nibedita Sen, a self-trained artist, says formal training in painting is not necessary... Read More


Kanika Shah

Kanika Shah..

Megha Thakur

Megha Thakur..

Dharmendra Yadav

Dharmendra Yadav..

Ashish Agarwal

Ashish Agarwal..


Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar..

Vishal Salkar

Vishal Salkar..

Akshay Mehta

Akshay Mehta..

Shaikh Azher

Shaikh Azher..