Digital Games - Education Week

Younger students get the most out of digital learning games when the game combines elements of both the real and virtual worlds, finds new research. Read More

Debate Persists Around Early-Reading Standards - Education Week

New papers rehash debates around whether the common-core reading standards represent—or discourage—"developmentally appropriate" teaching practice for young children. Read More

How Can Students Better Apply Math Learning? New Studies Hold Answers - Education Week

Even within the STEM disciplines, students struggle to apply math concepts in other subjects, according to researchers. Read More

Early Years - Education Week

Preschool-age children at child-care centers need far more opportunities for physical activity, suggests a study. Read More

Rioting and Unrest Affect the Youngest Children, Too

Pre-K Sees Some Rises in Enrollment, Spending - Education Week

The 40 states with state preschool programs, along with the District of Columbia, spent $116 million more on public preschool in the 2013-14 school year than they did in 2012-13, according to the latest pre-K yearbook released last week by the National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Read More

States Are Extending Mandates For Compulsory Education - Education Week

As states look to prepare students for 21st century jobs, many have extended the upper and lower limits of their compulsory education requirements. Read More

Editors Note: Building Literacy Skills - Education Week

This Education Week special report takes a wide-ranging look at new efforts to address the challenges of early-grades reading instruction, particularly in light of the waning influence of the federal Reading First program. Read More

Reading Fluency Viewed as Neglected Skill - Education Week

Fifteen years after the National Reading Panel identified it as a pillar of reading instruction, fluency remains a neglected and somewhat misunderstood skill, according to experts. Read More

Push for Grade-Level Reading Takes Many Forms - Education Week

A school attendance program in Connecticut, a free preschool in Kansas, and summer learning programs in Illinois and Iowa are all part of an effort to ensure students read proficiently by the end of 3rd grade. Read More

Head Start Proposals Draw Cheers, Cautions - Education Week

Early-education advocates welcome the idea of a longer day and year for Head Start operations, but wonder if there will be federal funding to match. Read More

Skills Gaps - Education Week

Children enter kindergarten with academic and "soft skills" gaps that can be linked directly to their socioeconomic status, says an economic policy group. Read More

Plenty of State Talk, Some Action on Early Ed. - Education Week

Many state legislatures notched incremental steps in expanding the scope and funding for publicly funded early-care an education programs. Read More

Plenty of State Talk, Some Action on Early Education - Education Week

Many state legislatures notched incremental steps in expanding the scope and funding for publicly funded early-care and -education programs. Read More

Rioting and Unrest Affect the Youngest Children, Too - Education Week

Math Gets More Rigorous for Some Preschoolers - Education Week

Preschools are ramping up math education, in response to brain research that shows educators may be underestimating how much math young children can do. Read More

Time is Short for Closing Federal Budget Deal - Education Week

Some education programs could be on the hot seat as members of Congress scramble to act before the fiscal year ends Oct. 1. Read More

English-Language Learners - Education Week

A study of seven high-poverty districts in the Seattle metropolitan area found that it took nearly four years for elementary-school-age English-language learners to develop English proficiency. Read More

Absenteeism - Education Week

A pattern of absences as early as kindergarten can throw students off track academically and form patterns that challenge later success, two organizations say. Read More

Special Education - Education Week

Parents—not teachers—are the ones primarily pushing to have children assessed for attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder, finds the CDC. Read More

Proposal to Boost Head Start Hours, Year Draws Concern - Education Week

Some providers warn they would have to drop children from the federal early-education program because of a lack of facilities or teachers. Read More

Website Creates Database of Preschool Regulations - Education Week

The website Noodle, which is aiming to be a national clearinghouse for information on early-childhood programs, has created a database that outlines the child-care and preschool regulations for each state. Read More

One-on-One With Arne Duncan - Education Week

As his annual back-to-school bus tour rolled along, the Secretary of Education talked talked waivers, common core, and other issues with Education Week’s Alyson Klein. Read More

N.Y.C. Pushes to Meet Promise of Universal Pre-K - Education Week

Amid some growing pains for its new full-day prekindergarten program, the city has ramped up outreach efforts and more than tripled the number of sets from two years ago. Read More

Seattle Stops Suspensions for Elementary Students - Education Week

Starting this school year, the one-year moratorium ends out-of-school suspensions for disruptive conduct, rule-breaking, and disobedience. Read More

New Construction-Loan Fund to Aid Preschool Classrooms - Education Week

The money will be used to renovate classrooms in seven cities and to build 250 new classrooms over the next three years. Read More

Student Mobility - Education Week

Changing schools often in the earliest grades puts students at a significant risk of poor math performance and critical-thinking skills in upper elementary school, according to a new study. Read More

K-12 a Minor Topic in First Democratic Debate - Education Week

While there was some discussion about college costs, the Democratic candidates for president did not delve far into big K-12 topics like testing, teacher evaluation, or how to improve low-performing schools. Read More

Feds Put Spotlight on Needs of Black ELLs - Education Week

With more than 130,000 black ELLs in public schools, White House and U.S. Department of Education officials will develop tools for educators. Read More

Adopted Students - Education Week

The school behavior and academic performance of adopted children lags behind their peers who are not adopted, concludes a report from the Institute for Family Studies. Read More

Zuckerberg and Wife to Open Private School - Education Week

Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are launching a private comprehensive preschool and K-8 school, linked to health services for children and families in East Palo Alto, Calif. Read More

Poverty Continues to Harm Students After Early Ed. Intervention Ends - Education Week

Preschool Years - Education Week

The 20 states that split $1 billion in federal grant money to support early-learning programs are seeing more providers rated as high quality and more children enrolled in those programs, says a U.S. Department of Education assessment. Read More


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