Special Education - Education Week

Students with disabilities continue to score much lower than their peers on state tests, even as their graduation rates inch upwards, a new report finds. Read More

Debate Persists Around Early-Reading Standards - Education Week

New papers rehash debates around whether the common-core reading standards represent—or discourage—"developmentally appropriate" teaching practice for young children. Read More

School Renovation Becomes a Teachable Moment - Education Week

Rather than allow a large-scale construction project to derail student learning, a Massachusetts private school incorporated the building process into the curriculum. Read More

Should 3rd Grade Be the Pivot Point for Early Reading? - Education Week

New research calls into question the widespread practice of retaining students in 3rd grade based on their reading proficiency. Read More

Top Principals Expand Reach to Multiple Schools - Education Week

The Clark County, Nev., and Denver districts are testing a new approach to school leadership, giving successful administrators more than one school to manage. Read More

School Puts Students on Conference Hot Seat - Education Week

A school in central Illinois is taking a new approach to the dreaded parent-teacher conference. Read More

Consultants Steer Parents Through Maze of School Choice - Education Week

As public K-12 options multiply in some cities, families are paying for experts to guide them through the selection and enrollment processes. Read More

Early-Childhood Education - Education Week

Obese and overweight preschool-aged children were found to have significantly healthier weight statuses by the time they reached kindergarten age if they participated in Head Start programs, according to a study published online last week in the journal Pediatrics. Read More

Miss. Loses Out on Federal Pre-K Grant—Again - Education Week

Last week, Mississippi was passed over for a federal preschool grant that would have tripled the number of children enrolled in early-education classes in four years, according to the state’s application. Read More

1-to-1 Technology Can Benefit Instruction for Kindergartners

Schools Teach Common-Core Math to Two Generations - Education Week

Through parent math nights, letters home, and videos, schools are providing a quieter counterpoint to media critiques of the math standards. Read More

Head Start Proposals Draw Cheers, Cautions - Education Week

Early-education advocates welcome the idea of a longer day and year for Head Start operations, but wonder if there will be federal funding to match. Read More

Plenty of State Talk, Some Action on Early Ed. - Education Week

Many state legislatures notched incremental steps in expanding the scope and funding for publicly funded early-care an education programs. Read More

Plenty of State Talk, Some Action on Early Education - Education Week

Many state legislatures notched incremental steps in expanding the scope and funding for publicly funded early-care and -education programs. Read More

Handcuffing of Students Reignites Debate on Use of Restraint - Education Week

The ACLU has filed suit against the Kentucky school resource officer who shackled two young students with disabilities. Read More

English-Language Learners - Education Week

A study of seven high-poverty districts in the Seattle metropolitan area found that it took nearly four years for elementary-school-age English-language learners to develop English proficiency. Read More

Four-Day School Week Linked to Gains in Math - Education Week

Switching to a shorter school week—with longer days—may actually give students an academic advantage, according to a recent study of rural Colorado elementary schools. Read More

KIPP Students Found to Have Edge in Academics But Not Attitude - Education Week

A final evaluation of KIPP finds that its schools continue to have a positive impact on student achievement, even as the network expands. Read More

Seattle Stops Suspensions for Elementary Students - Education Week

The Seattle School Board has declared a one-year moratorium on out-of-school suspensions for elementary school students who commit nonviolent offenses. Read More

Math-Modeling PD Takes Teachers Beyond the Common Core - Education Week

A pilot professional-development program funded by the National Science Foundation introduces elementary school teachers to a method of advanced problem-solving. Read More

Seattle Stops Suspensions for Elementary Students - Education Week

Starting this school year, the one-year moratorium ends out-of-school suspensions for disruptive conduct, rule-breaking, and disobedience. Read More

New Construction-Loan Fund to Aid Preschool Classrooms - Education Week

The money will be used to renovate classrooms in seven cities and to build 250 new classrooms over the next three years. Read More

After Controversy, District Dumps Offending Books - Education Week

The Minneapolis district last week sent out a notice saying it is immediately ending the use of all Reading Horizons instructional materials. Read More

Zuckerberg and Wife to Open Private School - Education Week

Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are launching a private comprehensive preschool and K-8 school, linked to health services for children and families in East Palo Alto, Calif. Read More


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