California Seeks Waiver on Use of Title I Tutoring Aid - Education Week

The state is looking for the federal green light to use Title I funding it now spends on tutoring services to extend learning time. Read More

ELL Students - Education Week

A new report makes the case that communities looking to improve education for school-aged English-language learners should also offer services to their parents. Read More

In U.S. Schools, Undocumented Youths Strive to Adjust - Education Week

While some schools have struggled to meet the needs of an influx of immigrant students, others are offering supports to help them get a linguistic, cultural, and academic foothold. Read More

Key to Vocabulary Gap Is Quality of Conversation, Not Dearth of Words - Education Week

A seminal study on the early word gap between the children of high school dropouts and those of college graduates has led to more nuanced findings about language development. Read More

English-Language Learners - Education Week

A significant percentage of Mexican-American children who matched their white counterparts in cognitive growth at 9 months old had fallen behind by the time they reached age 2, according to a study. Read More

More Immigrant Children Headed to United States - Education Week

About 39,000 immigrant children are expected to enter the United States illegally as unaccompanied minors this federal fiscal year, reaching the second-highest level of that migration since 2008, says an analysis issued last week by the Washington-based Migration Policy Institute. Read More

ELL Students - Education Week

A report from the Education Commission of the States proposes changes in five areas to improve the academic performance of English-language learners. Read More

LAUSD Lawyers to Represent Students Facing Deportation - Education Week

Some Los Angeles Unified School District students facing deportation will receive legal help from lawyers who work for the district. Read More

Diverse Students - Education Week

A new report from Excelencia in Education, which advocates higher educational achievement for Latinos, dispels the perception that most Latino students are English-language learners. Read More

Spanish-Language Spelling Bees Catch On Around the U.S. - Education Week

Spellers from across the country will compete for the championship title later this month at the fifth annual National Spanish Spelling Bee in Albuquerque, N.M. Read More

Skills Gaps - Education Week

Children enter kindergarten with academic and "soft skills" gaps that can be linked directly to their socioeconomic status, says an economic policy group. Read More

States in Holding Pattern on ELL Waiver Requests - Education Week

Even though Florida got unprecedented federal flexibility when it comes to English-learners and accountability, a handful of other states have yet to see their requests approved. Read More

English-Learners - Education Week

A new report finds "no proven method" for best identifying and serving English-language learners with disabilities. Read More

English-Language Learners - Education Week

A study of seven high-poverty districts in the Seattle metropolitan area found that it took nearly four years for elementary-school-age English-language learners to develop English proficiency. Read More

Districts Diversify Languages Offered in Dual-Immersion - Education Week

With strong demand for bilingual skills, more districts are offering new target languages such as Arabic and Vietnamese. Read More

Arizona Reduces Class Time for ELL Immersion Program - Education Week

Arizona school districts have been given permission to cut the time some English-language learners spend in a mandatory immersion program. Read More

More States and Districts Embrace Biliteracy - Education Week

Shifting demographics and economic interests are transforming views on multilingual education around the country. Read More

Feds Put Spotlight on Needs of Black ELLs - Education Week

With more than 130,000 black ELLs in public schools, White House and U.S. Department of Education officials will develop tools for educators. Read More

Signs Point to Rise in High School Graduation Rates - Education Week

The U.S. Department of Education is encouraged by preliminary state-by-state data showing that graduation rates for the 2013-14 school year were up from the year before. Read More

Schools Enlist Parents to Bridge Cultural Barriers - Education Week

Newer efforts to bring families of minority students into the classroom are eye-opening for both parents and teachers. Read More

Learning English - Education Week

English-language learners who enter kindergarten with a basic grasp of academic language, "either in their primary language or in English," are more likely over time to be reclassified as former ELLs, an analysis from Oregon State University has found. Read More


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