Georgia education department creates fine arts position - Education Week

Stiff Sentences for Convicted Atlanta Educators Shock Many - Education Week

Most of the former educators convicted in a cheating scandal will remain free on bond while they appeal.

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Businesses Build Online Wi-Fi Network in Ga. School District - Education Week

A network of about 50 businesses and facilities in Forsyth County, Ga., are advertising themselves as offering free Wi-Fi to students who are seeking to continue their blended-learning lessons outside school.

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Convicted Atlanta Educators Draw Empathy, Condemnation - Education Week

The conviction of 11 former educators on state racketeering charges that could land them behind bars has ignited debate about whether the punishment fits the crime.

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Atlanta Educators Convicted in Test-Cheating Trial - Education Week

Eleven former teachers and administrators were found guilty of racketeering for conspiring to change answers or guide students to correct responses on a 2009 state test.

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Georgia District Leader Is Superintendent of the Year - Education Week

Philip Lanoue, the schools chief in the Clarke County school district in Athens, Ga., was named national superintendent of the year last week in San Diego.

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States Fueling Recall of New Framework for AP History Course - Education Week

The debate over the new Advanced Placement U.S. History framework is rolling through the states.

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Parents May Be Liable for Fake Facebook Page - Education Week

A Georgia appeals court ruled last week that parents of a 7th grader who created a fake Facebook account mocking a classmate are potentially liable for negligence for not forcing him to close the account once they learned of it.

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Two Districts Share Urban Education Prize - Education Week

Gwinnett County, Ga., and Orange County, Fla., were the two winners—and the only two finalists—for the prestigious Broad Urban Education Prize.

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Augusta nonprofit helping students gets accreditation - Education Week

Savannah working to save schools targeted for state takeover - Education Week

Former pupils get diplomas after Ga. drops graduation exam - Education Week

Ga education agency seeks members for student advisory panel - Education Week

School systems struggle with offering enough school choice - Education Week

Court: Suit over using teen as bait in sex sting can proceed - Education Week

Atlanta Rolls Out Grade-Changing Rules - Education Week

Under the new regulations, administrators have to complete several steps before a grade can be changed.

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Atlanta Hires Architect of State-Takeover Legislation - Education Week

Proposed legislation would give the state the power to seize control of low-performing schools, convert them into charters, or shut them down.

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Clinton calls for tripling AmeriCorps civil service program - Education Week

Justice Pursues ADA Action Against Network of Ga. Programs - Education Week

A scathing U.S. Department of Justice letter alleges Americans with Disabilities Act violations at the Georgia Network of Educational and Therapeutic Support.

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Georgia governor proposes $50M more on pre-kindergarten - Education Week

Officials investigate mass baptism on school football field - Education Week

Pastor: Mass baptism on school football field was voluntary - Education Week

Georgia releases first results of new standardized test - Education Week

Common Core proficiency rate in Georgia below 40 percent - Education Week

Last Defendant Sentenced in Atlanta Cheating Case - Education Week

Shani Robinson was convicted of racketeering and false statements and writings, but her sentencing was delayed because she was pregnant.

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Shock Waves Reverberate From Wash. State Charter Ruling - Education Week

Charter supporters scramble to find ways of keeping the schools alive after Washington’s charter law is struck down, while charter critics hope to build momentum.

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School district: Baptisms on football field violated policy - Education Week

Months after promise of help, Atlanta students still waiting - Education Week

Help for Atlanta Students Being Put on Hold - Education Week

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said he has been unable to raise millions of dollars he estimates it would cost.

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Commission studying Georgia education system nears decisions - Education Week

More money, big changes for schools under Georgia proposal - Education Week


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