Selective High Schools Struggle to Diversify Enrollments - Education Week

Leaders of elite public high schools are banding together to find ways to enroll more students from low-income families and underrepresented minority groups. Read More

Slashing Dropout Rate Key to Turnaround in Mass. District - Education Week

A campaign in Lawrence, Mass., to convince students not to give up on diplomas includes intensive supports and customized pathways to graduation. Read More

Career Technical Education - Education Week

Rigorous academic courses to prepare students for both college and career are gaining momentum, but new research suggests more needs to be done to strengthen successful "pathways" in schools. Read More

Recommendations Drafted for Seal of Biliteracy - Education Week

Four national professional groups have banded together to draft recommendations for a seal of biliteracy—a special recognition on high school diplomas and transcripts for graduates who demonstrate fluency in two or more languages. Read More

Bill Would Tie Kansas School Funding to Post-Graduation Success - Education Week

A proposal for a new school finance formula in Kansas would link school funding to the success of students after graduation. Read More

U.S. Citizenship Test Gains Traction as Diploma Criterion - Education Week

Arizona and North Dakota require high school students to correctly answer portions of the test to graduate, and other states are weighing such a mandate. Read More

College-Going - Education Week

The 2008 economic downturn may have made paying for college more difficult, but the students who started high school in the teeth of the downturn are still pushing into higher education, according to new federal data. Read More

College Board Waives Fee for Retake of the SAT - Education Week

The College Board has offered to waive the fee for nearly half a million students affected by a printing error in the SAT administered June 6 if they want to retake the exam in October. Read More

School Safety - Education Week

Fewer high school students reported being in physical fights, being victimized, or carrying weapons in school in 2013, according to the latest edition of a federal report. Read More

U.S. Gets Gold in Math Olympiad - Education Week

The U.S. team has won the International Math Olympiad for the first time since 1994. Read More

Q&A: San Francisco Expands Computer Science Classes - Education Week

James Ryan, the district’s chief for STEM learning, discusses San Francisco’s new initiative to teach computer science in every grade. Read More

Wash. State Lowers Cutoff on SBAC Test Scores - Education Week

Washington state seniors do not have to reach the "college readiness" cutoff score on the Smarter Balanced test in order to earn their diplomas. Read More

Ind. District Eases Eligibility for Interscholastic Sports - Education Week

Under the new policy, district students who are struggling academically will continue playing if they meet Indiana High School Athletic Association guidelines for eligibility. Read More

Texas Attorney General Sues Alleged Diploma Mills - Education Week

State Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas announced last week that he has sued a Dallas-based group of 13 private schools and their operators, saying they marketed and sold fraudulent diplomas and transcripts. Read More

2015 SAT, ACT Scores Suggest Many Students Aren’t College Ready - Education Week

Average scores either dipped or stayed the same for this year’s crop of high school graduates, according to college-testing officials. Read More

N.D. Law Bolsters Rights of Student Journalists - Education Week

Journalism students returning to North Dakota public schools this fall will be able to do their jobs at high school and college newspapers with stronger free-speech protections, thanks to a new state law. Read More

Calif. Drops Exit Exam for Class of 2015 - Education Week

The new law was designed to fix a problem that arose when California education leaders let their contract for the exit exam lapse. Read More

2015 SAT, ACT Scores Suggest Many Students Aren’t College-Ready - Education Week

Average scores either dipped or stayed the same for this year’s crop of high school graduates, according to college-testing officials. Read More

Board Members Quit in Wake of New Transgender Policy - Education Week

Two board members did not cite reasons for their resignations, and a third cited "strained philosophical differences," local media reported. Read More

KIPP Students Found to Have Edge in Academics But Not Attitude - Education Week

A final evaluation of KIPP finds that its schools continue to have a positive impact on student achievement, even as the network expands. Read More

Online Credit Recovery in Need of Improvement, Study Says - Education Week

School districts need to make changes to their online credit-recovery programs to focus greater attention on content mastery and evidence of learning gains. Read More

Discipline - Education Week

High suspension rates in the Chicago district are driven by a cluster of schools with high concentrations of "extremely disadvantaged students," a new report finds. Read More

California Dismisses Exit Exam for Students Back to 2003-04 - Education Week

The state has no clear fix yet on the precise number of students affected. But news media reports put the figure around 32,000. Read More

States Fall Short on Teaching Financial Literacy - Education Week

When it comes to teaching students how to manage their money, most states rate a B or a C, a new report says. Read More

The Adolescent Brain Subject of Long-Term Federal Study - Education Week

The National Institutes of Health will dedicate $300 million over the next decade to launch the largest, most comprehensive study to date of how children’s brains develop during adolescence. Read More

Signs Point to Rise in High School Graduation Rates - Education Week

The U.S. Department of Education is encouraged by preliminary state-by-state data showing that graduation rates for the 2013-14 school year were up from the year before. Read More

Few States Require Rigorous Courses for Graduation - Education Week

High school graduation rates in the United States have hit historic highs, with the most recent numbers from the U.S. Department of Education showing that more than 80 percent of students from the class of 2013 graduated on time. Read More

Schools Seek to Diversify Gifted, Honors Classes - Education Week

Gifted and honors classes are often wealthy and white, but some districts are tumbling the barriers that keep out low-income students and students of color. Read More

First Lady Launches Site to Help College-Bound - Education Week

Michelle Obama unveiled a new social-media site last week where teenagers can swap practical information and stories about continuing education after high school. Read More


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