Kansas GOP lawmakers seek tax policy changes with budget fix - Education Week

Kansas schools, colleges, hospitals would feel sting of cuts - Education Week

Budget cuts would cost largest Kansas school districts $67M - Education Week

Kansas legislators complete proposed $15.4B state budget - Education Week

Appeals court upholds Kansas cap on local school taxes - Education Week

Amid Kan. Budget Changes, Schools to End Year Early - Education Week

Because of a late-year change in state aid, schools in at least seven districts will close earlier than scheduled this academic year.

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Push for Grade-Level Reading Takes Many Forms - Education Week

A school attendance program in Connecticut, a free preschool in Kansas, and summer learning programs in Illinois and Iowa are all part of an effort to ensure students read proficiently by the end of 3rd grade.

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Bill Would Tie Kansas School Funding to Post-Graduation Success - Education Week

A proposal for a new school finance formula in Kansas would link school funding to the success of students after graduation.

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Fight Looms in Kansas on Funding K-12 Via Block Grants - Education Week

Lawmakers approve a plan that would ditch the state’s current education formula, but its fate is entangled with a long-running legal dispute over the funding.

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Teacher of the Year Program In Jeopardy in Kansas - Education Week

Kansas lawmakers are considering a proposal to replace the state teacher-of-the-year program with a cash-awards system.

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Kan. Science Standards - Education Week

A federal judge last week dismissed a lawsuit alleging that science standards for Kansas public schools promote atheism and violate the religious freedoms of students and parents.

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Few hitches in state math, reading tests this year - Education Week

Kansas governor signs bill changing rules for budget cuts - Education Week

Kansas gets extension on No Child Left Behind waiver - Education Week

Kansas Court Rules Against Parts of State School Funding Law - Education Week

A district court panel in Kansas declared Friday that key parts of a new state law for funding public schools violate the state constitution.

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Kansas officials want school funding ruling put on hold - Education Week

Wichita school district again opts out of free-meals program - Education Week

Bond increase for Kansas man charged with molestation - Education Week

KNEA to appeal dismissal of teacher tenure lawsuit - Education Week

State board expected to vote on unlicensed teacher proposal - Education Week

Altered KPERS rules a concern for retiree teachers in Kansas - Education Week

State: Private school tuition program about ready - Education Week

Online Testing Glitches Causing Distrust in Technology - Education Week

For the second year in a row, a handful of states experienced significant disruptions in online testing, prompting some districts to revert to paper-and-pencil assessments.

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Districts Cheer Kansas K-12 Aid Deal, Despite Uncertainties - Education Week

Funding changes will pour more money into Kansas schools in a bid to satisfy a state supreme court ruling on aid.

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Kansas Ruling Fuels Debate on Adequacy of Funding - Education Week

Politicians and K-12 advocates in a number of states are wrangling over mandates for education aid, even as the Kansas funding system gets struck down by that state’s high court.

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Kansas officials face numerous requests for extra school aid - Education Week

Kansas schools seeking more aid asked to detail efficiencies - Education Week

Kansas headed toward another school finance debate next year - Education Week

Kansas legislature creates education study committee - Education Week

Kansas to issue 1st reports from new tests in public schools - Education Week

Brownback says Kansas public pension system on right track - Education Week

Tests suggest most Kansas students not ready for college - Education Week

Wichita School District to use bus drivers as custodians - Education Week

AP Interview: Kansas governor links merit pay, school aid - Education Week

Education officials say schools need reshaped for the future - Education Week

Kansas lawmakers seek data on school board members - Education Week

Kansas legislation is often anonymous - Education Week

Lawrence Public Schools to nix textbooks in pilot course - Education Week

Budget division recommends against emergency school aid - Education Week


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