New high school dropout law going into effect this fall - Education Week

Kentucky Bars Districts From Allowing Opt-Outs - Education Week

Commissioner of Education Terry Holliday says Kentucky districts cannot honor requests from parents who want to opt their children out of participating in standardized tests.

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States Pitch Changes as They Seek NCLB Waiver Renewals - Education Week

Testing, teacher evaluations, and A-F grading systems are among the issues as states apply for renewal of flexibility under the No Child Left Behind Act.

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Teacher Told to Stay Away on Return From Africa - Education Week

A teacher in a Roman Catholic school was told to take a leave of absence for 21 days when she returned from a mission trip to Kenya, even though the country is thousands of miles from the center of the Ebola outbreak.

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Teachers experiment with flipped classroom method - Education Week

Schools Weigh Expanding Free Meals to All Students - Education Week

Schools and districts now have until Aug. 31 to opt for a new federal provision that allows them to serve free meals to all students.

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State Chambers of Commerce Defend Common Core - Education Week

Chambers of commerce in a growing number of states are defending the common core against vocal opposition to the standards from some of their traditional Republican allies.

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State of the States: Kentucky - Education Week

Gov. Beshear used his State of the State speech to renew his call for an expansion of gambling to, in part, increase funding for schools.

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Beshear appoints work group to study teacher pensions - Education Week

State parks to promote educational offerings at open house - Education Week

Auditor finds district used general fund money on activities - Education Week

2 Kentucky teachers win prestigious awards - Education Week

State board votes to take control of Menifee schools - Education Week

State might take over management of Menifee County schools - Education Week

Shackling video ignites debate on school discipline - Education Week

Education Department asking for feedback on standards - Education Week

School district: deputy who handcuffed child acted properly - Education Week

Kentucky, Tennessee receiving advanced placement grants - Education Week

Handcuffing of Students Reignites Debate on Use of Restraint - Education Week

The ACLU has filed suit against the Kentucky school resource officer who shackled two young students with disabilities.

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Common Core, Money Matters Fuel Debates in State Elections - Education Week

The education policy stakes surrounding races in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi are high and could have an impact on the national discussion about common core.

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Attorney general: Panel must comply with Open Meetings Act - Education Week

Group renews complaint about pre-game prayer - Education Week

Board of Education continues search for new commissioner - Education Week

Board of Education advances 5 candidates for commissioner - Education Week

Kentucky Board of Education releases candidate names - Education Week

Kentucky has more than 30,000 homeless students - Education Week

Education commissioner search narrowed to 2 finalists - Education Week

Report: Koch, Pruitt finalists for education commissioner - Education Week

Kentucky students taking more advanced placement tests - Education Week

Committee to take on achievement gap in Kentucky schools - Education Week

Education Department says Pruitt likely next commissioner - Education Week

Kentucky school board debates "In God We Trust" posters - Education Week

Kentucky awarded grant for education, workforce data access - Education Week

Kentucky Board of Education considers commissioner contract - Education Week

Kentucky Board of Education approves commissioner contract - Education Week

Candidates bicker on range of issues in gubernatorial debate - Education Week

Group: Principal should allow anti-abortion flyers - Education Week

Group: Principal should allow anti-abortion fliers - Education Week

Beshear reveals anti-bullying recommendations - Education Week

Preschool funding dominates lieutenant governor debate - Education Week

State seeks more people to serve on teacher tribunals - Education Week

Ky. 4th, 8th graders outperform peers nationally in reading - Education Week

Kentucky governor race hinges on health insurance, preschool - Education Week

Center to offer special training to deal with school threats - Education Week


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