High Court Rules in Online Threat, Religious Rights Cases - Education Week

A pair of U.S. Supreme Court decisions deal with issues playing out in schools as much as in the rest of society. Read More

Congress Turns Attention to Higher Education Act Renewal - Education Week

Efforts to reauthorize the law could be complicated by some of the same issues holding up renewal of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Read More

Nev. Restricts Administrators From Joining Unions - Education Week

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, a Republican, last week signed into law a wide-ranging collective bargaining overhaul that prohibits school administrators who make more than $120,000 a year from joining a collective bargaining unit. Read More

U.S. Supreme Court to Weigh Drawing of Electoral Lines - Education Week

In a case that could hold implications for elected school boards, the U.S. Supreme Court last week took up the "one person, one vote" principle in drawing electoral lines. Read More

District May Not Be Sued Under RICO Law, Court Says - Education Week

Some observers question whether a state law originally aimed at organized crime was the appropriate legal tool for prosecutors in the Atlanta test-cheating case. Read More

Washington State Lawmakers Clash on K-12 Funding - Education Week

A special session over how to pay for basic education bares partisan divides over tax policy and questions about the fallout for districts and unions. Read More

Minn. Lawsuit Raises Questions About Teacher-Licensure Portability - Education Week

A group of 10 educators claims the state erects arbitrary barriers to make it difficult for out-of-state teachers to obtain certification in the state. Read More

Colo. Close to Letting Schools Be Sued for Acts of Violence - Education Week

The Colorado state House and Senate agreed on final language in a bill to allow public schools to be sued for negligence in cases of shootings or other violence. Read More

K-12 Issues Within Broad Sweep of Recent High Court Rulings - Education Week

Even when the U.S. Supreme Court is not weighing education-specific cases, many of its decisions reach into the schools—and the 2014-15 term was no exception. Read More

Federal Rules on Open Internet Allowed to Proceed Over Objections - Education Week

An appeals court decision will allow federal rules that supporters say protect a free and open Internet to go forward—over the objections of telecommunications providers. Read More

Suit Claims Los Angeles Misused Funds for High-Need Students - Education Week

Civil rights groups filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District last week alleging that millions of dollars intended to help low-income, foster-care, and English-learner students were diverted to special education services. Read More

Nevada Moves to Carve Up Fast-Growing District - Education Week

Now that state lawmakers have approved a split-up of the Clarke County school district, the question is how to go about doing it. Read More

N.C. Voucher Program Expected to Double Following Court Ruling - Education Week

The state is bracing for a rapid expansion in the number of children using tax dollars for private schools, after the program was declared constitutional by the North Carolina Supreme Court. Read More

Mississippi Not Obligated to Fully Fund Schools - Education Week

Mississippi legislators are not obligated to fully fund an education budget formula every year, a judge has ruled. Read More

Suit Filed to Force Use Of Test Scores in Reviews - Education Week

A lawsuit has been filed in California contending that some districts have inked collective bargaining agreements prohibiting the use of test scores to evaluate teachers. Read More

Court Upholds Linking Test Scores to Evaluations - Education Week

A federal appeals court has upheld a Florida law that requires teacher-performance evaluations to be based in part on student-test scores. Read More

N.Y. Schools Chief Intervenes in District Run by Orthodox Jews - Education Week

The state education commissioner is stepping into the bitter battle over control of an unusual New York school district. Read More

Court Levies Huge Fines on Wash. State Legislature - Education Week

The order is the culmination of a political struggle that began in 2012, when the Washington Supreme Court ruled that the system for funding K-12 violated the state constitution. Read More

Wash. Lawmakers Challenge Court Over Sanctions on Ed. Funding - Education Week

Nineteen senators signed a letter saying that the Washington state Supreme Court has overstepped its authority by ordering the state to pay sanctions because of lack of progress on an education funding plan. Read More

Wash. State Lawmakers Face Hard Choices on K-12 Finance - Education Week

Tensions remain among legislators as they seek to hammer out a school funding plan amid $100,000 a day in court-ordered sanctions. Read More

Texas Attorney General Sues Alleged Diploma Mills - Education Week

State Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas announced last week that he has sued a Dallas-based group of 13 private schools and their operators, saying they marketed and sold fraudulent diplomas and transcripts. Read More

New York Bans Smoking Near After-School Sites - Education Week

The law signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, is intended to protect children from secondhand smoke at public and private schools. Read More

Lawsuit: Calif. Fails to Offer Equal P.E. to Minorities - Education Week

According to the complaint, a number of recent studies have found that black and minority students "are systematically denied quality physical education and are less physically fit than other students in California public schools." Read More

Justice Pursues ADA Action Against Network of Ga. Programs - Education Week

A scathing U.S. Department of Justice letter alleges Americans with Disabilities Act violations at the Georgia Network of Educational and Therapeutic Support. Read More

N.D. Law Bolsters Rights of Student Journalists - Education Week

Journalism students returning to North Dakota public schools this fall will be able to do their jobs at high school and college newspapers with stronger free-speech protections, thanks to a new state law. Read More

Calif. Drops Exit Exam for Class of 2015 - Education Week

The new law was designed to fix a problem that arose when California education leaders let their contract for the exit exam lapse. Read More

Last Defendant Sentenced in Atlanta Cheating Case - Education Week

Shani Robinson was convicted of racketeering and false statements and writings, but her sentencing was delayed because she was pregnant. Read More

New Illinois Law to Prompt Changes in Discipline Policies - Education Week

School districts are expected to rewrite policies to limit the use of suspensions and expulsions under a statute championed by student groups. Read More

Shock Waves Reverberate From Wash. State Charter Ruling - Education Week

Charter supporters scramble to find ways of keeping the schools alive after Washington’s charter law is struck down, while charter critics hope to build momentum. Read More

Court Rebuffs L.A. District on Verdict in Abuse Case - Education Week

The Los Angeles school district was wrong when it argued that a 14-year-old girl shared responsibility for sexual abuse by a teacher because she consented to the sex, a California appeals court said last week, overturning a jury verdict in favor of the district. Read More

Jury Awards White Principal $371K in Discrimination Case - Education Week

A federal jury has awarded more than $370,000 in damages to a white school principal who alleged black administrators racially targeted her and created a hostile work environment that forced her to resign. Read More

Student-Trauma Lawsuit Gets Go-Ahead From Judge - Education Week

A federal trial judge has allowed a novel lawsuit to move forward that calls for the Compton, Calif., district to incorporate practices to help students who have faced such traumas as violence, family disruption, incarceration, and poverty. Read More

Teacher Evaluation Heads to the Courts - Education Week

The policy frenzy to establish new methods for evaluating teachers over the past few years has led to an unintended byproduct: lots of litigation. Read More

Special Education Directors Brace for Fresh Guidance - Education Week

The wave of federal documents is likely to continue in the coming months, lawyers who work on special education issues told those attending a conference in Baltimore. Read More

Former Chicago Schools CEO to Plead Guilty to Bribery Charges, Feds Say - Education Week

In their indictment of Barbara Byrd-Bennett, federal prosecutors allege the former superintendent steered a $23 million, no-bid contract to her former employers. Read More

New Law Brings Computer Science Under STEM Tent - Education Week

President Barack Obama has signed into law the STEM Education Act of 2015, which expands the definition of STEM to include computer science programs. Read More

L.A. District Sued for $1B After Firing Famed Teacher - Education Week

The Los Angeles school board last week fired renowned elementary teacher Rafe Esquith amid allegations of misconduct, according to the Los Angeles Times. Read More

Former Chicago Chief Pleads Guilty in Corruption Probe - Education Week

Barbara Byrd-Bennett, 66, who resigned from the district in June, faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and fines. Read More

Major Political and Legal Push Underway to Lift Mass. Charter Cap - Education Week

Backed by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, advocates engage in all-out effort to ease restrictions on opening new charters. Read More

Pearson Settles With L.A. Over Curriculum Foul-Up - Education Week

The Los Angeles school district announced last week that it has approved a $6.45 million settlement with the education publisher for reimbursement for "content and services delivered under [its] technology partnership" with the district. Read More

Migrant Students - Education Week

The tens of thousands of unaccompanied school-age children and youths who crossed the U.S.-Mexican border in the spring and summer of 2014 had vastly different educational experiences depending on where they settled, according to a report. Read More

Facebook Comments Land Cafeteria Workers in Trouble - Education Week

A federal lawsuit was filed last week on behalf of two Indiana school cafeteria workers who were disciplined after posting concerns about school spending on social media. Read More

U.S. Sues Township Over Muslim School - Education Week

The federal government last week sued a Michigan township for denying a zoning change that would allow construction of an Islamic school that has outgrown its nearby home. Read More

Buffalo Struggles to Respond to Feds Over Access to Best Schools - Education Week

The federal government is demanding more answers from school officials about how they plan to resolve allegations of discriminatory admissions practices at their better schools. Read More


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