Baltimore mayor to announce after school program funding - Education Week

For 2nd year in a row National Spelling Bee ends in tie - Education Week

Familiar faces among top 49 in National Spelling Bee semis - Education Week

Down to the finish: 10 make finals in National Spelling Bee - Education Week

Study: 47 percent of kindergartners ready for curriculum - Education Week

Turning District Academic Visions Into Classroom Realities - Education Week

Current and former chief academic officers talk about the evolving role of the CAO, and the strategies they have used to try to improve teaching and learning.

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Partisan Hurdles Ahead on K-12 for Some GOP Governors - Education Week

New Republican governors in Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts are looking to push K-12 initiatives and make budget choices affecting schools in states where Democrats control the legislatures.

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State of the States Coverage: Illinois, Maine, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wisconsin - Education Week

Here are summaries of recent annual addresses by governors around the country.

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Final exams could be banned in Montgomery County - Education Week

Plan to Refocus Md. College-Advising Program Raises Concerns - Education Week

Should a growing college-access program for low-income students in Maryland focus on high achievers or struggling students?

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Ex-special ed teacher pleads guilty to possessing child porn - Education Week

Teacher at Maryland Catholic school charged with sex abuse - Education Week

2 DC-area school districts moving away from final exams - Education Week

US allows Md. continued flexibility for No Child Left Behind - Education Week

U.S. Schools Gear Up for Surge of Young Immigrants - Education Week

From California to Maryland, schools are preparing for an unprecedented increase in the flow of Central American children and youths streaming across the U.S.-Mexico border and arriving alone.

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Schools Brace for Launch of Federal Snack Rules - Education Week

For a few districts, the school nutrition rules set to take effect July 1 are just too tough to swallow.

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Maryland schools superintendent resigns to lead nonprofit - Education Week

Mom seeks clarity on standardized testing rules for disabled - Education Week

Special education staffers accused of abusive practices - Education Week

Later start to school day in county receives mixed reactions - Education Week

New Construction-Loan Fund to Aid Preschool Classrooms - Education Week

The money will be used to renovate classrooms in seven cities and to build 250 new classrooms over the next three years.

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Baltimore teacher named Teacher of the Year in Maryland - Education Week

Students may have to re-take ACT tests after mail mishap - Education Week

Schools Enlist Parents to Bridge Cultural Barriers - Education Week

Newer efforts to bring families of minority students into the classroom are eye-opening for both parents and teachers.

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Test results: More than half of students below expectations - Education Week

Hogan makes appointments to school testing review panel - Education Week

Md. Democrats call for restoring $68M in education funding - Education Week


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