Panel siding with teachers in dispute over quitting union - Education Week

Snyder signs school bake sale, mobile home laws - Education Week

Michigan lawmakers approve $54.5 billion budget - Education Week

Michigan workgroup unveils early literacy recommendations - Education Week

District policy could require students to take state tests - Education Week

School budget includes $70-$140 increase in student funding - Education Week

Financially struggling district to close only high school - Education Week

Michigan Senate to OK teacher evaluation changes - Education Week

Michigan Senate approves new educator evaluation standards - Education Week

Efforts to Regulate Home Schooling Rekindle Controversies - Education Week

As state policymakers push for more oversight of home schooling families, advocates for education at home are split over how much regulation is necessary.

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States Pitch Changes as They Seek NCLB Waiver Renewals - Education Week

Testing, teacher evaluations, and A-F grading systems are among the issues as states apply for renewal of flexibility under the No Child Left Behind Act.

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$16 million high school STEM facility coming to Detroit - Education Week

Snyder to sign $54.5B Michigan budget with more for schools - Education Week

Governor Strips Ed. Agency of Power Over Reform Board - Education Week

Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a controversial executive order transferring the state school reform office from the Michigan education department to a state office that is directly under his control.

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Principal, nonprofit leader accused of stealing $100,000 - Education Week

Popularity Grows Anew for Year-Round Schooling - Education Week

Behind the recent upswing are grant programs in Michigan and Virginia aimed primarily at reducing time out of school for students from low-income families.

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Counselors Work to Get More Students on College Path - Education Week

In some states, new initiatives and graduate programs are providing needed training to expand college counseling in high schools.

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Mich. Approves Pay Cut for Detroit Teachers - Education Week

Detroit teachers will see a pay cut to offset a $127 million deficit.

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Detroit Public Schools to hold career fair for new teachers - Education Week

Students charged after device similar to stun gun found - Education Week

District wants lawsuit over open-carry in school dismissed - Education Week

Schools Weigh Expanding Free Meals to All Students - Education Week

Schools and districts now have until Aug. 31 to opt for a new federal provision that allows them to serve free meals to all students.

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Snowball case melts; teen sues Detroit district over arrest - Education Week

Detroit school board members file civil rights complaint - Education Week

Michigan plans to reduce length of standardized tests - Education Week

Detroit announces program to train students as firefighters - Education Week

Free-tuition program Kalamazoo Promise delivers for students - Education Week

Steven Spielberg, Bill Ford team up on tolerance education - Education Week

Michigan attorney general promotes school safety hotline - Education Week

Students turn in petition asking to display Confederate flag - Education Week

Ann Arbor wins key decision in dispute over guns in schools - Education Week

Benefit seeks to help former foster children pay for college - Education Week

Detroit schools reducing district-level mandated testing - Education Week

More Michigan students get chance at safe driving program - Education Week

Free, online textbooks include factual errors, poor grammar - Education Week

House OKs holding back third-graders who lag in reading - Education Week

Task force to recommend changes to special education system - Education Week

Gov. Snyder: Michigan liable if Detroit schools not fixed - Education Week

$45M grant request for Michigan charter schools rejected - Education Week

Bill lets retirees teach, get pension due to lack of subs - Education Week

Girl with service dog wants US Supreme Court to take case - Education Week

Students struggle on tougher state test that sets baseline - Education Week

Federal Grant Rejected for Michigan Charters - Education Week

The U.S. Department of Education has rejected a $45 million grant request from Michigan to improve and expand charter schools.

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U.S. Sues Township Over Muslim School - Education Week

The federal government last week sued a Michigan township for denying a zoning change that would allow construction of an Islamic school that has outgrown its nearby home.

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Lansing Schools responds to civil lawsuit allegations - Education Week

Bills to protect student data advance in Legislature - Education Week

Michigan tribe awarded $300,000 federal education grant - Education Week


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