Special Education - Education Week

Students with disabilities continue to score much lower than their peers on state tests, even as their graduation rates inch upwards, a new report finds. Read More

Student Cellphones - Education Week

All those teachers who collect mobile phones at the beginning of class may be onto something: A new study of English secondary students suggests student test scores rose in middle school classes that banned phones. Read More

Blended Learning - Education Week

Using online editing sessions does not affect student scores on standardized writing and reading exams, according to a forthcoming study. Read More

Time on Homework - Education Week

The optimal amount of homework for 13-year-old student is about an hour a day, finds a study from Spain. Read More

Digital-Simulation Game on U.S. Slave Experience Sparks Debate - Education Week

An award-winning, publicly funded digital learning game that asks middle school students to assume the role of a black slave in 1800s America is prompting debate about when and how to employ the power of interactive technology to teach about painful eras of history. Read More

Voices From Inside a School With No Racial Majority - Education Week

In this audio story, educators and students share their experiences at Valley Point Middle School, in Dalton, Ga., where, as of last school year, white students no longer make up the majority. Read More

Math Education - Education Week

Doubling up on mathematics classes for a year may help middle school students in the short term, but the benefits of doing so depreciate over time, according to a new study. Read More

Gay-Straight Club Lawsuit Allowed to Move Forward - Education Week

Students fighting to have a gay-straight alliance club at their middle school in central Florida have won a partial victory for the time being. Read More

Q&A: San Francisco Expands Computer Science Classes - Education Week

James Ryan, the district’s chief for STEM learning, discusses San Francisco’s new initiative to teach computer science in every grade. Read More

KIPP Students Found to Have Edge in Academics But Not Attitude - Education Week

A final evaluation of KIPP finds that its schools continue to have a positive impact on student achievement, even as the network expands. Read More

Discipline - Education Week

High suspension rates in the Chicago district are driven by a cluster of schools with high concentrations of "extremely disadvantaged students," a new report finds. Read More

The Adolescent Brain Subject of Long-Term Federal Study - Education Week

The National Institutes of Health will dedicate $300 million over the next decade to launch the largest, most comprehensive study to date of how children’s brains develop during adolescence. Read More

Young Adolescents - Education Week

Community groups and sports not connected to school can help students stay more connected academically during a critical transition period, a study of low-income students in New York City suggests. Read More

Schools Seek to Diversify Gifted, Honors Classes - Education Week

Gifted and honors classes are often wealthy and white, but some districts are tumbling the barriers that keep out low-income students and students of color. Read More


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