Minneapolis school board considers changes to autism program - Education Week

Education bill gives schools option of pre-Labor Day start - Education Week

Minnesota parents annoyed teens have yet to get ACT scores - Education Week

Dayton, House GOP reach tentative deal on education - Education Week

State budget remains unresolved, agencies prepare - Education Week

House GOP ups school funding offer, pressure Dayton for deal - Education Week

Dayton gives on pre-k plan but still no budget deal with GOP - Education Week

Dayton and lawmakers refocus budget fight on education - Education Week

Special session means 2nd chance for some interests - Education Week

Dayton rejects education bill; special session ahead - Education Week

Minn. Lawsuit Raises Questions About Teacher-Licensure Portability - Education Week

A group of 10 educators claims the state erects arbitrary barriers to make it difficult for out-of-state teachers to obtain certification in the state.

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Withholding Recess as a Punishment Declines - Education Week

With research showing benefits of playtime, more schools limit or ban the use of taking away recess to discipline misbehaving students.

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States Pitch Changes as They Seek NCLB Waiver Renewals - Education Week

Testing, teacher evaluations, and A-F grading systems are among the issues as states apply for renewal of flexibility under the No Child Left Behind Act.

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Minnesota gov. signs bills avoiding government shutdown - Education Week

Group studying effects of computer glitches on state testing - Education Week

Minnesota testing to be reduced after lawmakers cut funding - Education Week

Credit Card Use by Officials In Minneapolis Is Scrutinized - Education Week

Leaders in the Minneapolis school system used district credit cards for unauthorized purchases and failed to follow expense policies, a review of school expenses by the Minneapolis Star Tribune found.

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Minneapolis Superintendent Resigns Abruptly From Post - Education Week

Embattled Minneapolis schools Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson, whose district has struggled to meet its goals of closing the achievement gap between white and minority students, abruptly resigned, citing family commitments.

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Dayton: Will keep seeking money for early education - Education Week

Standardized test scores show little change in Minnesota - Education Week

Vendor takes pay cut over Minnesota student testing glitches - Education Week

Judge: Lawsuit from student suspended for tweet can proceed - Education Week

St. Cloud schools try to address bullying of Somali students - Education Week

State IDs Minnesota schools making achievement gap progress - Education Week

Twin Cities coalition launches literacy tutor initiative - Education Week

Minnesota high schoolers could lose college-level classes - Education Week

School transportation companies compete for drivers - Education Week

Minnesota students walk out to protest anti-Muslim comment - Education Week

Dayton calls for resignation of school board member - Education Week

School board member rejects Dayton call for him to resign - Education Week

Legislator: Columbia Heights board member will resign - Education Week

Man last seen with missing college student investigated - Education Week

St. Paul schools grapple with discipline policies - Education Week

After Controversy, District Dumps Offending Books - Education Week

The Minneapolis district last week sent out a notice saying it is immediately ending the use of all Reading Horizons instructional materials.

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Minnesota lawmakers prepare to cut down on testing - Education Week


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