Nixon flooded with input on Missouri student transfers bill - Education Week

Vickie Murillo: Rebuilding Academics in a Struggling District - Education Week

The CAO and accountability officer for the Kansas City, Mo., schools talks about setting goals and monitoring progress for a district that lost its accreditation in 2012.

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Missouri Pre-K Funding Should Be Public Only

Scholarships to Be Offered To Honor Slain Teenager - Education Week

Students at an eastern Missouri high school will be offered scholarships to three historically black colleges in honor of Michael Brown, who graduated from the high school just days before he was fatally shot by a Ferguson, Mo., police officer.

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Board Elections Called Unfair To Blacks in Ferguson, Mo. - Education Week

A federal lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union contends that school board elections in Ferguson, Mo., use a system that keeps black residents "all but locked out of the political process."

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Court Orders Mo. to Suspend Smarter Balanced Payments - Education Week

A Missouri judge has issued a temporary restraining order that requires the state to stop making payments to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

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St. Louis-Area Schools Close in Wake of Ferguson Decision - Education Week

In the hours before a St. Louis County, Mo., grand jury returned its decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager, school district officials in the region had already canceled classes and after-school activities in an effort to keep students safe.

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State Initiatives Widen Reach of ACT, SAT Tests - Education Week

Newly mandated tests are sometimes doing double duty as exit exams or accountability gauges.

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Education Measures on Ballot in 11 States - Education Week

School funding, class size, and governance are among the issues facing voters on various education-focused state initiatives, referendums, and amendments.

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Military Surplus Program Provides Weapons to School Police - Education Week

School district police units around the country have acquired armored vehicles, semiautomatic weapons, and grenade launchers through a controversial program run by the Defense Department.

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Mo. to Permit Weapons, Ban Monitoring in Schools - Education Week

The Missouri legislature last week overrode two vetoes by Gov. Jay Nixon of bills related to school safety. The first bill will allow districts to designate teachers or administrators as "school protection officers" authorized to carry concealed firearms in schools.

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Kansas City District Makes Gains, Avoids Transfers - Education Week

Two and a half years after losing accreditation because of falling student achievement and chaos in its leadership ranks, the Kansas City, Mo., school system is back on firmer footing for the 2014-15 school year now that state education officials have granted it "provisional" accreditation.

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Correction: Student Transfers story - Education Week

New Missouri website speeds results of background checks - Education Week

Questions dropped, time added for Missouri teaching exams - Education Week

Preliminary test results good news for Kansas City schools - Education Week

St. Louis-area schools agree to help failing districts - Education Week

Nixon vetoes Missouri student transfers legislation - Education Week

AP NewsBreak: Nixon to veto student transfers bill - Education Week

Lawsuit alleging teacher slapped autistic boy settled - Education Week

Women, minorities struggle on Missouri teaching exams - Education Week

Looted Ferguson store to be transformed into training center - Education Week

Missouri school bullying lawsuit settled for $300,000 - Education Week

Nixon signs bill expanding Missouri sex education guidance - Education Week

Missouri Pre-K Funding Should Be Public Only - Education Week

Missouri student transfers up slightly this school year - Education Week

Little progress after Missouri early childhood funds review - Education Week

Students at failing Missouri schools score low on new test - Education Week

Mobility hampers Kansas City district, charter schools - Education Week

Springfield district identifies 807 homeless students - Education Week

New strain of lice could put schools in scratchy situation - Education Week

Few immigrants at risk of proposed Missouri scholarship ban - Education Week

Program works to help low-income students get to college - Education Week

3 quit Missouri school board amid transgender student debate - Education Week

3 quit Missouri district split by transgender dispute - Education Week

Board Members Quit in Wake of New Transgender Policy - Education Week

Two board members did not cite reasons for their resignations, and a third cited "strained philosophical differences," local media reported.

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One Year Later, Ferguson Schools Poised for Change - Education Week

A year after a police shooting set off racially charged riots in Ferguson, Mo., the school system and its new superintendent are looking to correct educational disparities and "give kids a voice" in determining their future.

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Columbia Public Schools adopt gender identity protections - Education Week

Ferguson-Florissant students introduced to chess - Education Week

Missouri colleges agree to freeze undergraduate tuition - Education Week

St. Louis teachers demanding pay increase - Education Week

Missouri summer jobs program places more than 3,100 youths - Education Week

New proposed Missouri math, English standards up for review - Education Week

Missouri to stop collecting student Social Security numbers - Education Week

Riverview Gardens, Normandy districts make performance gains - Education Week

Riverview Gardens school district make performance gains - Education Week

Proposed Missouri K-12 learning standards draw criticism - Education Week

Board of Education approves Kansas City charter school - Education Week

Closed KC charter assets to go to other schools - Education Week

Kansas Supreme Court to take up school funding case - Education Week


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