Omaha district considering giving free meals to all students - Education Week

Nebraska Bill Would Lower Minimum Wage for Students - Education Week

Some Nebraska teenagers could receive a lower minimum wage next year under a proposed measure that would create a new class defined as "young student workers"—high schoolers younger than 18 who would continue to earn $8 an hour in 2016 when the standard minimum increases to $9.

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Districts Redefine Role of Principal Supervisors - Education Week

School districts are working to retool the responsibilities of principal supervisors, who have traditionally been charged with making sure principals—and the schools they run—comply with rules and regulations.

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Nebraska Working to Correct State Assessment Problem - Education Week

Nebraska officials say they have pinpointed the source of technical problems that hampered statewide writing tests earlier this year.

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State of the States: Nebraska - Education Week

Gov. Dave Heineman used part of his speech to blast the federal Affordable Care Act, saying its mandatory provisions will cost the state.

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Teacher Evaluation a Hurdle for SIG Schools - Education Week

Many in the School Improvement Grant program have yet to overhaul teacher rating and reward systems.

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Pre-K Assessments - Education Week

A new policy brief reviews the assessments currently used in 40 states to weigh the skills of their youngest learners.

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State of the States - Education Week

Here are summaries of recent annual addresses by governors around the country.

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Neb. Bill Would Arm Teachers - Education Week

A state lawmaker introduced legislation that would allow school administrators, teachers, and security personnel to carry concealed handguns in school.

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Omaha Public Schools board OKs longer school days - Education Week

New private school in Omaha offers free tuition - Education Week

Lincoln schools offering guaranteed hours to attract drivers - Education Week

Teachers still sought in home economics field - Education Week

Common-Core Materials Penetrate Every State - Education Week

Even teachers in states that never adopted the standards are downloading common-core-aligned curricula for their classrooms.

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Nebraska school districts face substitute teacher shortage - Education Week

Lincoln schools raise budget for English-language learners - Education Week

NU to offer 150 scholarships for virtual scholars program - Education Week

Report: 8 serious cheating incidents in Nebraska testing - Education Week

More student exchanges sought between Nebraska, Mexico - Education Week

ACLU of Nebraska warns school district about loyalty pledge - Education Week

Nebraska adding high school sports for disabled students - Education Week

School board cuts class rank, replaces it with other honors - Education Week

Proposed Nebraska math standards aimed at deep understanding - Education Week

New trial ordered in case against Nebraska school district - Education Week

Nebraska test scores show progress in reading, writing, math - Education Week

Agriculture education programs spreading in Nebraska - Education Week

District rolls out revamped elementary computer curriculum - Education Week

Nebraska Education Board adopts new statewide math standards - Education Week

Nebraska lawmakers hear options for more affordable college - Education Week

Drones increasingly becoming common part of education - Education Week

Nebraska high schools may soon allow transgender athletes - Education Week

Nebraska tribe gets $519,033 federal education grant - Education Week

Lakeview Community Schools add attendance monitor position - Education Week

Nebraska schools trying out new student data system - Education Week

Lancaster truancy project boosting grades, attendance - Education Week

State board seeks funds for program including sex education - Education Week

Manufacturers give Hastings students early exposure to work - Education Week

Property tax, school funding ideas slowly taking shape - Education Week

Nebraska students of all races improve in proficiency tests - Education Week

Elementary school teachers discuss learning retention method - Education Week

Beatrice school uses class time for college applications - Education Week

ACLU urges supportive transgender policy for school sports - Education Week

Nebraska holds off on further action on education law waiver - Education Week


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