Tribal School Is Awarded One-of-a-Kind NCLB Waiver - Education Week

The U.S. Department of Education is taking the unusual step of giving a single tribal school flexibility from the mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act. Read More

California Seeks Waiver on Use of Title I Tutoring Aid - Education Week

The state is looking for the federal green light to use Title I funding it now spends on tutoring services to extend learning time. Read More

Education Dept. Denies NCLB Waiver for Seattle - Education Week

The U.S. Department of Education has told the Seattle school district that it cannot get its own waiver from the mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act. Read More

Advocates for Spec. Ed., Gifted Weigh In on ESEA Rewrite - Education Week

Some are pleased with elements of the measure approved by the Senate education committee to overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, though concerns remain. Read More

Fresh Battles Loom When Full Senate Takes Up ESEA Rewrite - Education Week

The compromise bill approved by the Senate education committee to overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Act faces other priorities awaiting debate, and is likely to draw intense partisan sparring. Read More

NCLB Rewrite Would Expand Core-Subject Definition - Education Week

The U.S. Senate draft of the rewritten No Child Left Behind Act adds writing, music, computer science, technology, and physical education to the list of disciplines it defines as "core academic subjects." Read More

States Pitch Changes as They Seek NCLB Waiver Renewals - Education Week

Testing, teacher evaluations, and A-F grading systems are among the issues as states apply for renewal of flexibility under the No Child Left Behind Act. Read More

No Child Left Behind Overview: Definitions, Requirements, Criticisms, and More - Education Week

This primer on the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act—the latest iteration of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, or ESEA—includes information about compliance, proficiency, and waivers; milestones in the law’s history; main criticisms; and resources for further reading. Read More

Title I Research: Putting the Program Under the Microscope - Education Week

Key studies over the past several decades have sought to draw meaningful conclusions about the federal funding stream aimed at the education of disadvantaged students. Read More

Title I a Challenge for Education Researchers - Education Week

Those seeking to quantify the effect of Title I aid on the achievement of poor children face a number of hurdles stemming from the nature of the program itself. Read More

States Wrestle With How to Get Good Teachers in All Schools - Education Week

Some plans submitted to the federal government pitch new ideas for how to best share the most-qualified teachers, while others repackage strategies already underway. Read More

NCLB Should Include the Needs of Those on the Autism Spectrum - Education Week

States Gaining a Say on School Accountability - Education Week

Now that the federal government is giving states more flexibility in shaping their accountability systems, the question is: What will these new systems look like? Read More

Slicing the K-12 Data on Governors Running for White House - Education Week

It can be tough to draw a clear line between the policies a governor pushed while in office and improvements in student achievement, researchers say. Read More

NCLB Waivers Renewed for Four States - Education Week

The U.S. Department of Education has approved additional renewals of state flexibility on mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act for Florida, Idaho, Ohio, and South Dakota. Read More

ESEA High on Agenda of Education Issues as Congress Returns - Education Week

Dueling bills passed in both chambers to overhaul the federal education law face lawmakers fresh off a five-week summer sabbatical. Read More

Accountability - Education Week

School failure rates in the early days of federal accountability under the No Child Left Behind Act were only weakly connected to actual student proficiency rates, according to a study Read More

Teacher-Equity Plans Approved for 16 States - Education Week

Questions loom on enforcement as 16 states get the federal nod on their plans to make sure all students have to high-quality teachers. Read More

One-on-One With Arne Duncan - Education Week

As his annual back-to-school bus tour rolled along, the Secretary of Education talked talked waivers, common core, and other issues with Education Week’s Alyson Klein. Read More

House Speaker Boehner to Resign Next Month - Education Week

Boehner, an Ohio Republican, was elected House speaker in 2010. He was the chairman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee when Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001. Read More

Arne Duncan Stepping Down as Education Secretary - Education Week

Duncan, who leaves in December, has pushed through dramatic levels of change in K-12 policy over nearly seven years in office. Read More

State Tests Due Fresh Scrutiny as Peer Review Relaunches - Education Week

Process provides Ed. Dept. powerful tool for oversight Read More

Less Leverage Awaits Official to Step In as Ed. Dept. Head - Education Week

John B. King Jr., who has been filling the duties of deputy federal education secretary, shares policy priorities with those of outgoing Secretary Arne Duncan. Read More

Leadership Issues Could Cloud Federal K-12 Picture - Education Week

Turnover in top leadership in Congress and at the Education Department complicates the prospects for completing unfinished business on education policy. Read More

Ed. Dept. Charts Course Toward Scaled-Back Testing - Education Week

New principles aim to bolster states and districts in reducing the number of tests students take, while assuring high-quality assessments. Read More


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