Oklahoma governor signs public education improvement bills - Education Week

Oklahoma governor signs legislation funding state services - Education Week

States Fueling Recall of New Framework for AP History Course - Education Week

The debate over the new Advanced Placement U.S. History framework is rolling through the states.

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State of the States Coverage: Illinois, Maine, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wisconsin - Education Week

Here are summaries of recent annual addresses by governors around the country.

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Two States Revisit NCLB Tangles After Losing Waivers - Education Week

For now, Oklahoma and Washington are navigating a bumpy transition back to life under the outdated No Child Left Behind Act.

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Under Pressure, Okla. Hires New Vendor to Oversee Tests - Education Week

Oklahoma officials have steered past a potential crisis by reaching a deal with another company to deliver winter exams used to fulfill high school graduation requirements.

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Okla. Assessments in a State of Uncertainty - Education Week

The state is scrambling to hire a company to administer winter tests used for high school graduation after McGraw-Hill Education CTB withdrew from a proposed contract.

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Oklahoma school officials frustrated with changes - Education Week

States That Drop Common Core Under Gun in Replacing Them - Education Week

Though they usually have years to overhaul academic standards, states backing out of the common core will have to craft new ones under a tight time frame.

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U.S. Schools Gear Up for Surge of Young Immigrants - Education Week

From California to Maryland, schools are preparing for an unprecedented increase in the flow of Central American children and youths streaming across the U.S.-Mexico border and arriving alone.

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Oklahoma City school official talks school policing policy - Education Week

Pre-enrollment begins for students at Tulsa Public Schools - Education Week

School district defends proposed discipline plan - Education Week

Oklahoma City Public Schools welcomes bilingual teachers - Education Week

Draft of new Oklahoma education standards unveiled - Education Week

Oklahoma granted 1-year waiver from Education Department - Education Week

ACT college-prep test to be offered to all Oklahoma juniors - Education Week

Principal turnover costs Oklahoma district $1.2M a year - Education Week

Oklahoma lawmakers to begin study of education practices - Education Week

Oklahoma educators focus on student achievement, success - Education Week

Oklahoma City schools suspending fewer students - Education Week

State board issues 157 more emergency teaching certificates - Education Week

Pruitt opinion says school prayer ban is overly broad - Education Week

Oklahoma school A-F report cards released amid criticism - Education Week

Oklahoma students improve reading scores, struggle in math - Education Week

2 Oklahoma tribes among 8 receiving federal education grants - Education Week


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