Feds warn Oregon not to let students easily skip Common Core - Education Week

Oregon Senate votes to eliminate Kitzhaber education board - Education Week

Teacher Files Lawsuit Over Active-Shooter Drill - Education Week

A former grade school teacher in Oregon has sued a school safety officer and others responsible for a surprise "active shooter" drill.

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State Charter Systems Given Rankings - Education Week

The District of Columbia and Louisiana have the "healthiest" charter school systems, while Oregon and Nevada have the weakest sectors, according to a report.

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States Far From Uniform in Commitment to Kindergarten - Education Week

While pre-K is a top priority for many policymakers nationwide, kindergarten remains a patchwork of district programs driven by varying state requirements.

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60 Oregon Districts Again Face Title IX Complaints - Education Week

For a second time, anonymous complainants have filed Title IX complaints against 60 Oregon districts for allegedly failing to provide high school girls with opportunities for sports participation equal to those of boys.

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STEM Hubs Emerge to Bolster Math, Science Ed. - Education Week

The regional coalitions bring together K-12 schools, universities, businesses, museums, and others to catalyze and better connect STEM education efforts in local communities.

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Manufacturing-Job Growth Prompts K-12 Training Effort - Education Week

High schools are creating programs to prepare students for high-tech manufacturing jobs amid projections of a 42 percent increase in the sector by 2018.

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Ore. Elementary Charters Found Lacking in Diversity - Education Week

The six least-diverse Oregon elementary schools all are charter schools, according to a new state education department analysis.

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School district soothes parents over school warning letter - Education Week

Study: Oregon school-test standards average to below-average - Education Week

State of the States: Alaska, Ark., Colo., Del., Idaho, Iowa, Kan., Mich., Nev., N.D., Ore., S.C., S.D., Wash. - Education Week

Here are summaries of recent annual addresses by governors around the country. In this roundup: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Washington.

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Common Core: 21 Oregon districts miss mark for test taking - Education Week

Gov. Kate Brown meets kindergarten students in Beaverton - Education Week

Federal government picks up tab for more school meals - Education Week

Ore. students shaky on Common Core, but top low expectations - Education Week

Oregon schools report jump in homeless students - Education Week

3 arrested for firing gun at Bend middle school; no injuries - Education Week

Oregon releases report cards for 1,236 schools - Education Week

Oregon districts add bilingual programs, need teachers - Education Week

Concrete learning at project-based school - Education Week

Oregon scores unchanged on national reading, math test - Education Week

Clackamas teacher sues school for defamation, discrimination - Education Week


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