Nevada Statute Supercharges School Choice - Education Week

A broad new law will give parents near-total control over how state education dollars are spent on their children, through education savings accounts. Read More

Parent Engagement on Rise as Priority for Schools, Districts - Education Week

As districts adopt formal efforts to integrate parents into the fabric of their schools, advocates welcome a shift away from seeing parent-engagement efforts as just an add-on. Read More

ELL Students - Education Week

A new report makes the case that communities looking to improve education for school-aged English-language learners should also offer services to their parents. Read More

Guide to Data Privacy Issued for Parents - Education Week

The Future of Privacy Forum has released a guide to help parents understand student-data-privacy policies. Read More

Same-Sex Parents: A Statistical Snapshot - Education Week

A collection of demographic data on both married and unmarried same-sex couples in the United States. Read More

Estimates Emerge on Number of Students With Same-Sex Parents - Education Week

As the U.S. Supreme Court weighs whether to legalize gay marriage nationally, recent research estimates some 210,000 children under 18 are being raised by same-sex couples. Read More

Key to Vocabulary Gap Is Quality of Conversation, Not Dearth of Words - Education Week

A seminal study on the early word gap between the children of high school dropouts and those of college graduates has led to more nuanced findings about language development. Read More

Early-Childhood Education - Education Week

While parent-child reading sessions are at the core of innumerable city and state literacy programs, a report finds common approaches show mixed results. Read More

Kentucky Bars Districts From Allowing Opt-Outs - Education Week

Commissioner of Education Terry Holliday says Kentucky districts cannot honor requests from parents who want to opt their children out of participating in standardized tests. Read More

District Extends Wi-Fi to Students in Public Housing - Education Week

The Kent, Wash., district has set up kiosks with Web connectivity across the community, including public-housing complexes, to help students take part in blended learning away from school. Read More

Board Members at Center of AP History Flap Targeted - Education Week

A group of Colorado parents and teachers that has been seeking to oust three Republican school board members has collected enough valid signatures to force a recall election against them. Read More

Probing the Impact of Parent-Teacher Digital Communication - Education Week

Academic researchers are beginning to study what kinds of tech-based exchanges between educators and families bring the biggest academic payoff for students. Read More

Families Fake Residency to Get Kids Into Public Schools - Education Week

Parents who fake their addresses can cost school districts tens of thousands of dollars while not contributing to local school taxes. Read More

Schools Enlist Parents to Bridge Cultural Barriers - Education Week

Newer efforts to bring families of minority students into the classroom are eye-opening for both parents and teachers. Read More


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