As School Day Grows, Ties Deepen Between Schools, Providers - Education Week

Expanded-learning initiatives are pushing educators and outside groups to collaborate in new, more integrated ways. Read More

School Improvement - Education Week

A new federal report confirms what many district and state level officials already know: Turning around low-performing schools is really important—and really, really hard. Read More

GAO: More Help Needed for RTT Winners - Education Week

A GAO study suggests the U.S. Department of Education should give states more support in implementing any future competitive-grant programs. Read More

Q&A: U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan - Education Week

With the clock ticking on the Obama administration’s time in office, the education secretary discusses NCLB waivers, testing, Race to the Top, and other issues. Read More

Tennessee Teachers Chafe at Common-Core Uncertainty - Education Week

Over the past three years, the state has invested heavily in common-core training for teachers, but has recently signaled a weaker commitment to the standards amid rising opposition. Read More

Federal K-12 Policy Evolves as Staff Turns Over - Education Week

Some Obama administration officials behind key education initiatives have moved on, and those now in place bring their own approaches and perspectives. Read More

Federal Monitoring of K-12 Efforts to Take Team Approach - Education Week

A new office at the U.S. Department of Education will aim to reduce duplication and boost support for states when it comes to monitoring and administering federal grant programs. Read More

Key Georgia Electoral Contests Put K-12 Front and Center - Education Week

Accountability, governance, common standards, and funding are among the top issues in the tight races for governor and state schools superintendent in Georgia. Read More

Latest Waiver Move Could Weaken Key Obama Priority - Education Week

The Education Department will let states with NCLB waivers seek a delay in tying student test scores to teacher evaluations until the 2015-16 school year. Read More

Cash Drew Contractor Expertise—and Controversy - Education Week

Faced with crafting complex applications for federal Race to the Top aid, and putting that money to work if they won, states turned to consultants for help. Read More

Graphic: Tennessee Tackles Its Worst Schools - Education Week

Tennessee is trying to turn around its poorest-performing schools through the Achievement School District (ASD). The goal is to catapult those schools from the bottom 5 percent to the top 25 percent within five years. Read More

State Tests Due Fresh Scrutiny as Peer Review Relaunches - Education Week

Process provides Ed. Dept. powerful tool for oversight Read More

Less Leverage Awaits Official to Step In as Ed. Dept. Head - Education Week

John B. King Jr., who has been filling the duties of deputy federal education secretary, shares policy priorities with those of outgoing Secretary Arne Duncan. Read More


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