U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Education Cases - Education Week

The U.S. Supreme Court in the past two weeks has declined to step into three education-related cases. Read More

Archbishop Urged to Rescind Teacher-Morality Clauses - Education Week

Eight California lawmakers last week urged the head of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco to withdraw the "morality clauses." Read More

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Kan. Science Standards - Education Week

A federal judge last week dismissed a lawsuit alleging that science standards for Kansas public schools promote atheism and violate the religious freedoms of students and parents. Read More

Teacher Told to Stay Away on Return From Africa - Education Week

A teacher in a Roman Catholic school was told to take a leave of absence for 21 days when she returned from a mission trip to Kenya, even though the country is thousands of miles from the center of the Ebola outbreak. Read More

Archdiocese Proposes Review of Teacher Contracts - Education Week

The Roman Catholic archdiocese in southwest Ohio is proposing a committee made up of teachers who would advise on future contracts that include morality clauses. Read More

Justices Reject Appeal of Fired Science Teacher - Education Week

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of a public school science teacher who was fired for promoting creationism and refusing to remove religious materials from his Ohio classroom. Read More

School Choice Offers Hope in Poor Communities

Wyoming Churches Support Common Science Standards - Education Week

A group of churches in Wyoming has endorsed the Next Generation Science Standards, including the stance that evolution should be taught as scientific fact. Read More

Converting Catholic Schools to Charters Draws Scrutiny - Education Week

Such conversions are rare, but a number of schools have made the switch in recent years. A study this spring found enrollment grew dramatically following the change. Read More

School Choice Offers Hope in Poor Communities - Education Week

N.Y. Schools Chief Intervenes in District Run by Orthodox Jews - Education Week

The state education commissioner is stepping into the bitter battle over control of an unusual New York school district. Read More

Religious Behavioral Norms Carry Over to Classrooms - Education Week

Opponent of School Religion Says Teacher Insults Atheists - Education Week

A group seeking to keep public schools religion-free is again decrying practices in the Rankin County school district. Read More

U.S. Sues Township Over Muslim School - Education Week

The federal government last week sued a Michigan township for denying a zoning change that would allow construction of an Islamic school that has outgrown its nearby home. Read More


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