GAO: More Help Needed for RTT Winners - Education Week

A GAO study suggests the U.S. Department of Education should give states more support in implementing any future competitive-grant programs. Read More

Rural Students - Education Week

A program to provide summer and after-school reading enrichment to rural students has reduced the need for intensive reading remediation, finds a new study by the University of Kansas Center for Public Partnerships and Research. Read More

In Effort to Fix Tribal Schools, Feds Face Doubts - Education Week

A long history of failed federal policies has some tribal leaders and educators skeptical of the Obama administration’s plan to improve the Bureau of Indian Education. Read More

Rural District Under Fire for Authorizing Charters - Education Week

A rural district in Southern California is the subject of several lawsuits after it authorized charter schools that have opened in neighboring districts, according to LA School Report. Read More

Tribes Get Grants to Assume More Control Over Schools - Education Week

The Obama administration says a series of small grants it has awarded to Native American tribes will help spur improvements to the network of federally funded schools that serve tens of thousands of American Indian students. Read More

STEM Preparation - Education Week

Opportunities to learn STEM subjects are lacking at rural schools in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, according to a new report. Read More

States That Prohibit Charters Likely to Decline - Education Week

Midterm elections and forceful advocacy efforts could reverse long-held resistance in Alabama, Kentucky, and Nebraska. Read More

Rural Students - Education Week

Students who graduate from rural Indiana high schools are more likely to attend a two-year or nonselective postsecondary school than their nonrural peers, and to choose a college that is "undermatched" with their presumed eligibility level, according to a new report. Read More

Class Time - Education Week

School districts that adopted a four-day school week in rural Idaho experienced no significant cost savings, and some districts even saw costs rise to accommodate the resulting longer school day, according to a new report. Read More

Four-Day School Week Linked to Gains in Math - Education Week

Switching to a shorter school week—with longer days—may actually give students an academic advantage, according to a recent study of rural Colorado elementary schools. Read More

Rural Education - Education Week

Eligible rural children are less likely to take part in federal meals programs than their urban peers, finds a new study. Read More

Rural Education - Education Week

Some academic outcomes for students living in "Middle Appalachia" have improved over the past 20 years, yet challenges unique to the region remain, according to a new report. Read More


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