Urban Districts Embrace Social-Emotional Learning - Education Week

Researchers are measuring the impacts of social-emotional learning programs in eight big-city school districts. Read More

Student Insights Guiding Districts on Policy and Practice - Education Week

Asking students for their input on how to improve education increases engagement and contributes to a healthier school climate, district leaders and researchers say. Read More

School Security - Education Week

More schools reported training students for active shooter situations and using security cameras, electronic notification systems, and anonymous reporting tools in the 2013-14 school year than four years earlier, and the rate of violent incidents at schools fell during that time. Read More

Rioting and Unrest Affect the Youngest Children, Too

Survey: School Bullying Lowest in 10 Years - Education Week

Fewer students say they are being bullied at school. Those who are bullied are more likely to be girls than boys and more likely to be white than minority students. Read More

Programs Aim to Smooth Student-Police Relations - Education Week

Amid racially charged incidents in U.S. cities, some advocacy and law-enforcement groups are taking steps to foster better relations between police and minority youths. Read More

Alabama Teenagers to Study How to Encounter Police - Education Week

Federal prosecutors are working with the FBI and police in Mobile, Ala., on a program meant to teach teenagers how to navigate encounters with police. Read More

Colo. Close to Letting Schools Be Sued for Acts of Violence - Education Week

The Colorado state House and Senate agreed on final language in a bill to allow public schools to be sued for negligence in cases of shootings or other violence. Read More

N.Y.C. District Underreported School Violence, Audit Finds - Education Week

New York City failed to report hundreds of violent public school incidents to the state as required by law, says the state comptroller. Read More

Teacher Files Lawsuit Over Active-Shooter Drill - Education Week

A former grade school teacher in Oregon has sued a school safety officer and others responsible for a surprise "active shooter" drill. Read More

Peer Pressure - Education Week

If all your friends jumped off that bridge, would you do it too? Well, it depends on how old you are, according to a new study in Psychological Science. Read More

Rioting and Unrest Affect the Youngest Children, Too - Education Week

School Safety - Education Week

Fewer high school students reported being in physical fights, being victimized, or carrying weapons in school in 2013, according to the latest edition of a federal report. Read More

Schools as Society Surrogate: A Course to Cure Every Ill? - Education Week

Charleston Schools Bar Confederate Flag Images - Education Week

Students may no longer wear clothing, jewelry, or other apparel bearing the image of the Confederate flag, local media report. Read More

Albuquerque Chief Resigns for Hiring Accused Molester - Education Week

At issue is the hiring of Jason Martinez, who joined the payroll without the required criminal-background check. Read More

One Year Later, Ferguson Schools Poised for Change - Education Week

A year after a police shooting set off racially charged riots in Ferguson, Mo., the school system and its new superintendent are looking to correct educational disparities and "give kids a voice" in determining their future. Read More

Seattle Stops Suspensions for Elementary Students - Education Week

Starting this school year, the one-year moratorium ends out-of-school suspensions for disruptive conduct, rule-breaking, and disobedience. Read More

Student-Trauma Lawsuit Gets Go-Ahead From Judge - Education Week

A federal trial judge has allowed a novel lawsuit to move forward that calls for the Compton, Calif., district to incorporate practices to help students who have faced such traumas as violence, family disruption, incarceration, and poverty. Read More

S.D. Student Charged in Shooting of Principal - Education Week

The 16-year-old student is accused of confronting Harrisburg High School Principal Kevin Lein in his office Sept. 30 before pulling out a handgun and firing a single shot that left the principal with a flesh wound. Read More

Student Bullying - Education Week

Even a basic state anti-bullying law is associated with significantly lower in-person and cyber-bullying reported in schools, according to a new study. Read More

Lessons Learned From Security Breaches - Education Week

The problem is school systems often lack specific plans for dealing with data breaches once they occur, creating logistical and public relations challenges. Read More

Schools Learn Lessons From Security Breaches - Education Week

Schools are vulnerable to outside hacking, in-house errors, and even technology gaps at companies they work with. Yet, school systems often lack specific plans for dealing with data breaches once they occur, creating logistical and public relations challenges. Read More


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