MOOCs for school

MOOCs can help schools lacking resources to cater to a spectrum of student abilities by offering advanced courses for exceptional students, or extra teaching for students who find learning difficult... Read More

Aid cut in India

India saw the world’s largest cut in aid to basic education... Read More

Study and play

Ashden awardee Richard Dunne on developing a school curriculum to make learning exciting... Read More

College aid

Schools must try to create an overall environment which fosters attention towards selection of the right courses and colleges... Read More

Children’s libraries

Libraries showcasing books designed to capture the imagination of young readers are being set up to encourage the habit of reading among primary-level students from economically weaker sections of society studying in government schools... Read More

Cool stories

During his recent visit to Delhi, Inuit storyteller Michael Kusugak tells why he writes books for children ... Read More

Learn in your tongue

A government-sponsored project is adding to the growing body of e-study resources in not only English but also local languages... Read More

For the community

Working to save water and educate disadvantaged children brings two students an American award for voluntary community service ... Read More

Right to learn

The way forward for RTE is to ensure that children are not just in school but are actually learning... Read More

Summer at Doon

The Doon School has announced a ‘Summer at Doon’ Leadership Programme for students... Read More


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