Deconstructing dyslexia

A newly-released book reiterates the importance of raising awareness about learning difficulties such as dyslexia among parents and teachers to help students improve their learning process... Read More

Inclusive education

On the occasion of World Disability Day, Surabhi Verma, director, Sparsh for Children on how inclusive education can help children accept diversity in the classroom... Read More

Mapping emotions

Manoj Sanker and Mrinal Parekh, 21, have created a wearable monitoring device that aims to assist kids with autism and their caregivers... Read More

Play time

The innate structure of sports, with its organisation and set of laws, can be used as a learning tool for introducing and practicing self-regulation and decision-making skills
... Read More

No mountain high

Even as he suffers from dyslexia, Michael Fischman doesn’t let this disability define him.... Read More

Evolved children or just ADHD?

Your child who you consider to suffer from imperfection, damage or mental illness, could in fact be an Indigo... Read More

New app to assist children with autism

Svetha Venkatesh, professor of Computer Science & director, Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics (PRaDA), Deakin University, Australia on the benefits of the innovation for children with special educational needs... Read More

Helping hands

Seshpath an online project will facilitate a network of volunteers as readers and scribes to aide visually challenged students... Read More

Education Integrated

Roda Billimoria, educationist and co-founder of Sir Shahpur Billimoria Foundation delves on the need for integrated teaching methods in today’s education system... Read More

Inclusive Education

If education is a fundamental right, then children with special needs also deserve an equal chance at pursuing their academic aspirations... Read More


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