Hurdles in Pairing General, Special Education Teachers - Education Week

Poorly implemented co-teaching practices may be taking the "special" out of special education, say many who train teachers and districts in collaboration. Read More

Special-Needs Students and Public-Private Partnerships

California Seeks Waiver on Use of Title I Tutoring Aid - Education Week

The state is looking for the federal green light to use Title I funding it now spends on tutoring services to extend learning time. Read More

Advocates for Spec. Ed., Gifted Weigh In on ESEA Rewrite - Education Week

Some are pleased with elements of the measure approved by the Senate education committee to overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, though concerns remain. Read More

U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Education Cases - Education Week

The U.S. Supreme Court in the past two weeks has declined to step into three education-related cases. Read More

Online Coursetaking Evolving Into Viable Option for Special Ed. - Education Week

A growing number of programs around the country are allowing students with disabilities to take virtual courses created with their needs in mind. Read More

New Look at Suspension Data Pinpoints Disparities - Education Week

Minorities and students with disabilities are disciplined at a disproportionate rate, researchers say, and there are wide variations among states and districts. Read More

Suit Claims Los Angeles Misused Funds for High-Need Students - Education Week

Civil rights groups filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District last week alleging that millions of dollars intended to help low-income, foster-care, and English-learner students were diverted to special education services. Read More

Study: Minorities Less Likely to Be in Spec. Ed. - Education Week

Black students and Hispanic students are less likely than their white and non-Hispanic peers to be labeled with a disability, according to a new study. Read More

Special-Needs Students and Public-Private Partnerships - Education Week

English-Learners - Education Week

A new report finds "no proven method" for best identifying and serving English-language learners with disabilities. Read More

NCLB Should Include the Needs of Those on the Autism Spectrum - Education Week

Handcuffing of Students Reignites Debate on Use of Restraint - Education Week

The ACLU has filed suit against the Kentucky school resource officer who shackled two young students with disabilities. Read More

Justice Pursues ADA Action Against Network of Ga. Programs - Education Week

A scathing U.S. Department of Justice letter alleges Americans with Disabilities Act violations at the Georgia Network of Educational and Therapeutic Support. Read More

Special Populations - Education Week

States vary widely in the number of students with disabilities who are covered under Section 504, according to an analysis by the Advocacy Institute. Read More

Chicago Plans More Cuts to Special Education - Education Week

A school spokeswoman said the reductions were necessary because of an enrollment drop in the 400,000-student district, which is facing a $480 million budget gap. Read More

Training Gains a Toehold for Instructional Aides in Special Education - Education Week

Crucial for assuring that school inclusion takes place for students with disabilities, these workers have long been left out of the loop on professional development. Read More

Special Education Directors Brace for Fresh Guidance - Education Week

The wave of federal documents is likely to continue in the coming months, lawyers who work on special education issues told those attending a conference in Baltimore. Read More

Special Education - Education Week

When it comes to feeling happy and fulfilled, what really matters to young adults with learning and attention issues? Read More

Study: RTI Practice Falls Short of Promise - Education Week

Response to intervention failed to improve the reading skills of students identified for initial interventions in a 13-state study. Read More


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