Singapore student visa

The visa regime is easy and does not impose prohibitive requirements for the issuance of student visas
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Bagging your Recommendation

Unlike an admission essay where you talk about your goals, your aims and why and how you became who you are now, the recommendation letter, as the name suggests, is a letter sent to the university by your professor/ employers recommending you for admission onto the programme of study. ... Read More

Do’s and Don’ts

All programmes will require that you submit an official transcript of your scores. Make sure you request the same from your previous college/ school well in advance.... Read More

Talk to impress

The admission procedure for studying abroad sounds so lengthy add to that an interview makes the admission process sound even more sounds difficult. Well, there are some who are grateful for the interview.... Read More

Money magic

A major detrimental factor for students wishing to study abroad is finances! Let’s accept it - studying abroad does not com easy. Your ‘cost-of-attendance’ will depend on whether you attend a private or state school and the location of the school ... Read More

The Admission Essay

The Essay or Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a detailed story - a true story you write for the admissions committee. It is your chance to showcase yourself, your character, who you are as a person. ... Read More

Testing times

When you’re applying to universities abroad, you have to start prepping for them at least a year in advance. What starts with fun stuff like browsing through glossy brochures and choosing a university... Read More

Applying for Student Visa to Singapore

To pursue full-time studies in an institute of higher education in Singapore, you must first procure a student pass or a student visa. Four weeks is the normal procedural time, though some applications may take a longer time to process. ... Read More

Right on Time

Universities based in Singapore tend to offer two start points, one in August, and the other in January. Admission deadlines vary from university to university and sometimes also by Master’s programme within the same university. ... Read More

Picture Perfect

With its vibrant energy and delightfully warm people, your days and evenings in Singapore will be filled with fun and excitement... Read More

For Indian students, Singapore is much more than a second home

It is the cost factor that first attracted them here for education, with the fee structure about one-third of that in the US or UK. But for Indian students, enrolled in educational institutes here, this cosmopolitan city state has become more than a second home.
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Backpacking in a new country

If considering setting off on that trip of a lifetime, particularly if you are travelling alone, one of your main concerns needs to be your personal safety and that of your belongings.... Read More

Emergency numbers

Listing of emergency numbers... Read More


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