Overhaul of UK student visas

Tougher entry criteria, limits on work entitlements and the closure of the post-study route are among the latest changes to the UK student visa system... Read More

Get the best of Britain

Regulations have been made easier, transparent and objective for visa applications... Read More

Cambridge to breed new wave of researchers

A Doctoral training centre at the University of Cambridge is all set to produce a new breed of researchers in Nano-Science and Nanotechnology. The director of the recently established centre, Jeremy J Baumberg, tells us more... Read More

Cambridge univ scholarships

The University of Cambridge in the UK has announced the launching of the Manmohan Singh scholarship for Indian students at the under-graduate level. ... Read More

UK to introduce new student visa system

UK is introducing a new student visa system, which will place greater responsibility on universities and colleges in an attempt to weed out bogus students and facilitate genuine applications... Read More

Bagging your Recommendation

Unlike an admission essay where you talk about your goals, your aims and why and how you became who you are now, the recommendation letter, as the name suggests, is a letter sent to the university by your professor/ employers recommending you for admission onto the programme of study. ... Read More

Do’s and Don’ts

All programmes will require that you submit an official transcript of your scores. Make sure you request the same from your previous college... Read More

Talk to impress

The admission procedure for studying abroad sounds so lengthy add to that an interview makes the admission process sound even more sounds difficult. Well, there are some who are grateful for the interview. Take Neha (name changed on request) ... Read More

Money magic

A major detrimental factor for students wishing to study abroad is finances! Let’s accept it - studying abroad does not com easy. Your ‘cost-of-attendance’ will depend on whether you attend a private or state school and the location of the school... Read More

The Admission Essay

The Essay or Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a detailed story - a true story you write for the admissions committee. It is your chance to showcase yourself, your character, who you are as a person. ... Read More

Blog on Britain

Parul Gupta launches a blog on student life in the UK from tips on how to apply for jobs to where to go to have fun over the weekend ... Read More

Miles to go...

When one scratches the surface of the glamour associated with graduating abroad, one sees the real picture of the harsh student life that youngsters, who pursue their studies abroad, have to face. The undeniable flipside of a stimulating education, a gorgeous campus and great work opportunities is an unbelievably expensive lifestyle, homesickness and common toilets. It all comes as a package.... Read More

Economic slump shrinks student job

Indian students in London find it tough to get part-time jobs, reports Dibyojyoti Baksi... Read More


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