Funding US education

Finance is probably the most important factor that deters people from applying abroad. If only students realised that many universities in the US offer international students loans, scholarships and graduate assistantships, they would not think twice before applying.... Read More

A personal approach

At a basic level, there are three steps in the college process: choosing colleges, applying and then deciding where to go. Asked about the most important thing to remember in applying to colleges, Aaron Primero, Georgetown class of 2013, responds, “Know yourself.” To this end my college process began with the question, “Why do I want to go to college?” ... Read More

Application Aced!

While an application is reviewed multiple times in detail, there is no simple formula for success in the admissions process... Read More

Do’s and Don’ts

All programmes will require that you submit an official transcript of your scores. Make sure you request the same from your previous college... Read More

Wait and watch

When a student is waitlisted, it means that his/ her application has been neither accepted, nor denied, by the school in question... Read More

The Best Fit

This decision- of narrowing down your choice to one university - varies from student to student as the parameters applicable depend wholly upon the individual... Read More

Aid Slowdown

It is no secret that the downturn has officially hit academic circles. However, to counter student apprehensions, universities are going public about their efforts to cut costs through other means, before compromising on their commitment to helping needy students pay tuition
... Read More

Simple steps

The process of studying in the US is simple and methodical. Follow the simple steps mentioned
... Read More

US Student Visa

There exists, in the minds of many people, an irrational fear psychosis about the US visa. Most fears are completely unfounded. Many misconceptions pertaining to the student visa, needs to be removed.... Read More

Visa worries?

You may apply for a student visa only when you hold an original, unconditional offer of admission from the university. ... Read More

Backpacking in a new country

If considering setting off on that trip of a lifetime, particularly if you are travelling alone, one of your main concerns needs to be your personal safety and that of your belongings.... Read More

The Architectural Masterpieces of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, has long been known for its architecture. Great names in the field of design, structural engineering and architecture have created buildings in the city, from the iconic Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright in what came to be known as the Prairie style to the imposing Sears ... Read More


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