Ala. Reading Intervention Stands Test of Time - Education Week

A statewide reading initiative begun 17 years ago in Alabama is credited with raising reading scores and narrowing racial achievement gaps in one of the nation’s poorest states. Read More

Federal Aid Formulas a Sticky Issue in ESEA Debate - Education Week

Attempting to alter a federal education funding formula is politically problematic because a change can shift money from one state or district to another. Read More

Prepare Teachers to Adapt to Factors Outside School

Ohio District Creates a Lab for Blended Learning - Education Week

In Mentor, Ohio, teachers test out and refine blended learning best practices in the “Catalyst,” a laboratory for educators to observe each other at work. Read More

Award-Winning Educator Decries Current Teaching Climate - Education Week

Nancie Atwell, winner of the Global Teacher Award, had some surprising advice for young people interested in becoming public school teachers today: Don’t do it. Read More

States Have Role to Play in Fostering Student Engagement, Report Says - Education Week

Enacting policies that support and encourage district and school-level student-engagement efforts should be a priority, says the National Association of State Boards of Education. Read More

Teacher Leadership Movement Gets Boost From Ed. Dept. - Education Week

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has pledged continued support for the Department of Education’s Teach to Lead initiative. Read More

New Studies Find That, for Teachers, Experience Really Does Matter - Education Week

New research challenges the belief that teachers plateau early in their careers, suggesting instead their effectiveness grows over the first decade in the classroom and beyond. Read More

Teacher Education Group Airs Criticism of New Accreditor - Education Week

An apparent fracture has opened up between two major players in the increasingly edgy teacher education field, with the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education approving a resolution stating that there is a “crisis of confidence” toward the national accreditor for teacher colleges. Read More

Low-Performing Schools Gain From a Group Effort

Amid Changing Landscape, Lab Schools Search for New Roles - Education Week

The "experimental" schools initially housed at universities were envisioned as centers of instructional innovation and teacher training. Many are now private schools. Read More

Prepare Teachers to Adapt to Factors Outside School - Education Week

Districts Facing Teacher Shortages Look for Lifelines - Education Week

With a new school year approaching, districts around the country are issuing urgent pleas for teachers to come work for them. Read More

Mind the Gap: Deploy Teacher Talent to High-Need Schools - Education Week

Study Casts Doubt on Impact of Teacher Professional Development - Education Week

A new study by the advocacy group TNTP finds that PD activities don’t seem to factor into why some teachers get better while others don’t. Read More

Proposal to Boost Head Start Hours, Year Draws Concern - Education Week

Some providers warn they would have to drop children from the federal early-education program because of a lack of facilities or teachers. Read More

Scholars Lament Decline of Ed. History Courses in Teacher Prep - Education Week

Once an ubiquitous course requirement that nearly all aspiring teachers took, the history of education seems to be going the way of land-line phones, floppy disks, and shorthand. Read More

Video Gaining as Key Tool in Teacher-Learning Plans - Education Week

As platforms evolve, more districts are using video to boost teacher collaboration and refine classroom practice. Read More

Deans Map Out Learning-Science Agenda - Education Week

A paper released by the Deans for Impact summarizes the research on learning science and identifies six questions teachers should grapple with. Read More

Training Gains a Toehold for Instructional Aides in Special Education - Education Week

Crucial for assuring that school inclusion takes place for students with disabilities, these workers have long been left out of the loop on professional development. Read More

Why K-12 Data-Privacy Training Needs to Improve - Education Week

Education experts are lamenting the lack of training opportunities for educators that they say must happen for true student-data-privacy protection. Read More

EdTPA Scores Improving for Would-Be Teachers - Education Week

Scores on the edTPA teacher-licensing exam seem to be on the rise, according to new research. Read More


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